Hi Guys,
Just looking for some advice on differential tuning, particularly in front and AWD cars. I feel like my tunes have gotten better and better, and I have managed a few top 50 times in A Class (which I typically race), but I feel that something is just missing in my setup.

I have gotten a grasp on every aspect of tuning a car, but I simply don’t understand what to do with the differential. Usually, I just set it to 60-10 in RWD cars and tune the rest around that…and I almost never touch the other drivetrains.

Now that the lambo league is here I’m forced to figure out the diff, as I’m stuck at a 1:59 flat at silverstone and I don’t think I can improve the car much more in terms of grip and rotation.

So what do you guys do? What are some good starter settings for FWD and AWD and where should I go from there?


For the Lambo this are the settings that i use
50/0…70/20 @70% it works well for me.

For FWD I start with 85/5 and tweak from there.

RWD can depend on position of motor and therefore weight position. For front engine RWD 70/10 is where I start. If the engine moves back then the decel often gets higher.

For AWD the post above is near where I start. But I use quite savage rear decel diff on AWD eg single digits.

Somewhat on same lines with SatNightEduardo

FWD on very low classes I might use 100 Acc. so I can minimize the chance of one tire fire, On DCB classes I might go even under 70 to get better turning for the car,
Dec. depends entirely how much lift off oversteer I have I start form 0 and if I have just too much sift off oversteer I increase it slowly until the liftoff oversteer is minimal.

RWD I start usually from 75 Acc. and adjust depending how much understeer (too high) / one tire fire on corner exit (too low) I get.
Dec I start form 30. and if I get one tire locking up when I’m releasing the brake I increase, or of I get too much underster on offthottle turning in I decrease it.

AWD. This is heavily affected from my driving style. but I start form 60/0 Front 70/30 rear and 55% to rear as my default setup. My driving style for AWD is brake straight as possible (avoid trailbraking) turn in while coasting. hit full throttle (Be agressive with the throttle). When you hit the full throttle, the rear end swings bit wide helping you to get the nose pointing the right way. If that doesn’t happen add more rear bias, and if the rear doesnt still swing wide enough, either lock (100 acc.) or reduce rear acc. settings

AWD my base set up is 100/0 FR 100/50 RR @ 69% why 69…it’s the year me and some of the best cars ever were born…how’s that for some tuning science. RWD base is 50% RR and the decel and bias varies based on weight distribution and track…I run a lot higher decel at Bathurst where the downhill slalom plays hell with the rear stability of my tunes and/or the way I negotiate them. If there’s a FWD car in my garage it’s either been converted or has 0 miles on it. Not a fan…I really only adjust these on a need -to basis for fine tuning in most cases

Thanks for the help guys! Broke the top 20 on a handful of tracks in S Class and also did quite well in the Super Trofeo. Hopefully i can figure out the Huracan just as easilly…