Different versions of the same car, one version is more popular

I wonder why one version of the same car is more popular than the other. Like the Mazda 787b, the #55 one is far more popular than the #18 787b, the Bmw v12 Lmr, I’ve seen more of the #16 version than the #15 version on the leaderboards, there are a lot of different Indy cars but the most popular one is the #1 Chevrolet Indy car. It’s the same with the S class Capris and Bmw CSLs, the WTCC cars and many many others, they all drive pretty much the same when I test them in free play so I was just wondering why is one version more popular, is it just down to preference?

When given the choice between identical race cars, I make my choice based on the default livery.

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Lucky numbers?

Or it is persons using a LB tune that happened to be in one or the other… following the leader(s)

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And for all of the reasons I threw out there, this guy comes in and gives us the most likely reason of all. LOL.

This one also defines my frustration with how they put these cars in the game. Say I want Scott Dixon’s car, but I want a tune someone made for Will Power’s car. Nope, no tune for me. Have to find a tune that was made for the Target car.

I really wish that there were one Chevy Indycar, when you select it to buy and hit the button to see the colors, the colors would show you the different available liveries, in this case the #1, #9 and #67. That way, every tune made for the Chevy Indycar would be available to everyone that gets a Chevy Indycar. Beneficial to both tuners and users. In addition, say I want Juan Montoya’s livery as created by one of the community painters. Someone made if for the #1 car but I happen to have bought the #9 car and its possible no one made it for that car. Again, if there weren’t 3 of them painters and users of paints would again benefit.

This would apply equally to the Honda Indycar, the Formula E cars, V8 Supercars, the race Capri, 787b, etc, etc, etc. Give us the car and make the different livereis available through the paint colors and everyone playing the game benefits. Sorry Turn 10 marketing. You don’t get the ability to say that 10 Formula E cars that are different only in the livery they carry are 10 different cars for your car count in this case. This benefits the player in every way and should be the common sense way to execute it.


I would say there are multiple factors. Appearance of the default livery being one. Popularity of the driver, ie, I selected the Chevy Indycar I did because I like Will Power, even though there’s that achievement for driving Scott Dixon’s car. You would think that achievement would drive people to buy Scott Dixon’s car more but you said you see more people in the #1 car. Bringing me to another factor. Which one is at the top of the list? Some people just want an Indycar and it’s easiest to pick the first one on the list.

In the case of the 787b, just google 787b and you’ll have your answer on why one is more popular than the other. It is the iconic livery everyone associates with that car.

The final factor I can think of, there seems to be a prize spin to award you one of each group of racecar. So if a prize spin contains a couple of Honda and a couple of Chevy Indycars you are more likely to see the ones on the prize spin being used. For like the WTCC and V8 Supercars where the prize spin likely just contains one from each brand available it would bias even more towards the one that appears in the prize spin.

I don’t know why we have multiple versions of a car if they are identical. Seems to me if they are the same just put one plain vanilla car in the game. I know the Indycarts are the same body with different engines. You could have a plain vanilla Chevy powered cart and a plain vanilla Honda powered cart etc. Same for if we had them stock cars or the super V8s. Then create different liveries for them and let the player choose what livery or the player can create there own. Why buy several of the same car just because they are a different color? The final car count might drop a little but you might have more room for a couple different makes and models to add to the game. Now with the Mazda 787b why is there a 1 point pi difference in the cars? They are the same year and same make and model right? I can see why one would be chosen over the other though if the choice is made just on livery. The green and orange livery is just to iconic to not use it. Did you see they crashed it at Goodwood? Will that affect the pi rating in the game?

Some are also available in Prize Spins, or are simply the first on the list when you go to buy them, which makes them the go-to version.

+1 This.
I got my #15 BMW LMR Prototype through a prize spin. So now I don’t feel the need to buy the #16 BMW LMR anymore.

Availability in the Prize Spins, livery differences making one car more attractive than the other, availability of competitive tunes are, I believe, the factors that lead to one version of the same car being more popular than the other.

In the case of the 787B there is also a PI point of difference between the #55 and the #18 car. That’s likely to be caused by the fact that the #55 is running slightly shorter gears.

I grew up racing with the #55 car in earlier racing games so I’ve stuck with it, it’s become one of my favourite cars & liveries

one you can get you tunes from F5.