Different versions for different countries

Is their different versions of Horizon 2 for different countries, so if i was to purchase a copy from the UK would their be any issues with online and DLC playing it in Australia.

No, games are region free (at least from the online Store). If you have the possibility, you can pay & download a game from ANY of the supported countries and play it on your own console.

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i was considering purchasing from ozgameshop in the UK, and i live in Australia, as far as you know there is no region lock on Horizon 2

Here ya go;


You should be good to go as long as it’s a physical disc. :slight_smile:

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im on xbox 360

Ozgameshop ships (unless otherwise explicitly stated) Australian editions of games (PAL) Region. Dont fall into the trap of assuming games are region free, not all consoles are the same.
You will be fine so long as it doesnt say NTSC version on the item name

-Source: 7 years of using Ozgameshop

Occasionally the PAL versions are different too - my brother got bitten with Saints Row IV and its DLC for his Xbox 360 (from OzGameshop).

Thats because the game was censored here so the dlc codes were different. And it was explicitly stated on the website that the dlc codes may require a different region xbox account, I know because i purchased it from them, they rarely ever screw up and when they do if you email them they replace the games.
Not saying that your brother is stupid and didnt do the research or reading but…

thanks, for the help everyone