Differences between AI levels slightly too big?

I am really struggling with career mode in FM6. I have long abandoned the histories of motorsport, or whatever it’s called, and I have been trying to do some showcase races, but they are not giving me any pleasure …

Part of the reason is that I cannot find a good AI difficulty level for myself. I am nowhere near them on unbeatable, but I’m blitzing them on pro. Today I did a few laps of Road Atlanta 100, and the fastest AI was putting in 1:23 in unbeatable, and 1:26 in Pro. That’s 3 seconds difference, on a relatively short track.

Is that not a tad too much ? Especially at the top levels ?

Or am I just being too particular ?

I think it’s very reasonable that the difficulty curve gets steeper between higher difficulty levels for those seeking the ultimate challenge, while the baby steps are down at the lower levels to encourage people to step up their game. =)

I agree with OP, there should be something between Pro and Unbeatable.

They could call it “Speed of Waldo”, lol.

I thought that was the one between easy and average… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m fairly certain one of the "P"s in your name stands for “Parked”… :wink: