Difference Between Joystick and Steering wheel


I am a good racing driver (Forza) and i use joystick.
I am always ranked top 1% in all levels.
I would like to ask if i buy Playseat and logitech G27 or thrustmaster … or any … would my times get better?
What is the best wheel can be bought.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

First of all, dont buy a G27 if you want to use it with FM5. The only Xbox One wheel thats currently available is the Thrustmaster TX 458. MadCatz is going to release one as well, but it seems to be delayed until Summer 2014.

In regards to your question if you are going to be quicker using a wheel, that heavily depends on your skills. I know a lot of people who have been significantly slower after switching from pad to wheel (2-3 seconds). In some cases they just need to get used to it before their times start to improve and even exceed their top times driven with a pad. Others will never be as quick as they were with the pad, but thats mainly because they have some superhuman gamepad-skills…In my case some of my times improved by 2-3 seconds after switching to the wheel, but i guess thats just because i’m a terrible driver with the gamepad :slight_smile:

It took me a long time to adjust from pad to wheel, but with the right settings I improved and was getting pretty much the same times.

I didn’t have a cockpit for my fanatec, but I plan on getting a cockpit soon and a new wheel whenever they make one I like for XB1. Check out the obutto cockpit, it as very very good reviews and I plan on going with that one.

Really your best place to look for information on this topic is the Hardware & Peripherals section of this forum:


Cronusmax is an adaptor. You can use joystick, full mouse and keyboard, and wheel you want as long as it has a USB. Check it out

I’d be careful with these peripheral adaptors: It can cause input lag which would be deadly for wheel use and you need to have the play&charge kit, as its used to trick the xbox one so it thinks that an official licensed controller is connected. Official Xbox One peripherals have an encrypted ID-chip that can only be obtained from MS. External Hardware wont be recognized without this chip.

These adaptors use a trick/glitch/bug via the play&charge cable to make the box believe that the official gamepad is connected. You can be sure that MS will try to get this fixed ASAP if it can be fixed on a software level. This will render the adaptor useless, which would be a complete waste of money.

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Just bought a RIG… imported from UK to Canada…

And I highly recommend it!
It’s the new version of the GT Omega Pro, very very stiff!
No movement, good seat and everything you need to fix your wheel, pedals, shifter, put the console etc…

edit : don’t buy a playseat, the center wheel support is a non sens, they are beautifull and that’s it…

Wait till Fanatec comes out with a wheel syatem, it will be the best available! Especially if it supports the club sport pedals and shifter. Very high quality, worth every penny. the wheel base should last the life of the XBone. This is the time to buy a Fanatec. At the start of the system life cycle instead of the end like the 360, like I did.

Could be a long wait,don’t think it will happen!

now, with basher adapter you can use CSP on the tx wheel…

I was driving with a Fanatec steering wheel in Forza 4, but was like many others forced to drive with a controller in Forza 5, now that I got used to driving with the controller I’m faster than I was using my wheel in F4.

I’m not quicker (for the moment) with my wheel… but that’s 100 times much better, much enjoying etc… :slight_smile:

I have a playseats and a wheel and it’s great fun but sometimes frustrating with the drivatar ramming you coz with a wheel the force feedback is immense.what you have to think of is its a big investment for the playseat and the wheel.overall it’s great fun but I sometimes end up out of control due to oversteer which if I used a controller I could have easily just drifted it .To be honest my times are slower with a wheel but I will continue to use it offline.