Didn't they used to have free..?

It could be, that I’m not remembering correctly.
Didn’t they used to have free online weekends??
I seem to remember in previous editions of Forza Horizon,
several weekends during the year you could go online racing for free.


Free Weekend is a random Microsoft event. It is not an event held by Turn10/Playground Games.
I have good news for you. Xbox Live Gold is a limited-time discount until January, and you can buy a month’s subscription for $1.
Much faster than waiting for the Free Weekend.

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Join Microsoft rewards
Ive got over 2 years ultimate game pass
All it cost me was 1 dollar
The rest was free from redeeming points


Ah the good ol’ days of playing on xbox. PC doesn’t have to worry about this stuff.

I don’t like playing live, and the free GOLD was impossible to turn off, so I didn’t play Forza at all during those weeks.