Didnt get my Wheelspin Reward!!

yesterday i spinned my 300+ wheelspinns. After the first couple the game crashed and i have to restart the game.

Part 1 PROOF VIDEO /@ 5:11 you see i spinned the horn!

Part 2 PROOF VIDEO / @ 34:50 you see i spinned it AGAIN!! thats even not possible!!

Sreener i dont get the horn !!! I SPINNED THIS HORN 2Times!! i will check if other rewards are missing, it will take some time.

Proof Screener

so please, i want my reward! i spend much hours for the 300+ spinns

you are not the only one not getting that horn, me included
there’s probably another 5 or 6 threads with that issue as well

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thx for writing me, are there official help there jet?

i hope we get a refund or a sry gift for this!! i spinned it 2 times -.-.


after over 2weeks now, no one wrote me from the Support site!! thats so BAD!!