Didn´t get prize for Club Level.

I daw few times that I dont give money after level up in the club. Its always bit sometimes. Its really hurt if we say about level up to platinum level -400k. Do you have similar issue? (no popup info)

Sometimes the money shows up before you get the message.

Or sometimes it doesn’t show up at all. There was another thread on here that someone found the issue out that if you were doing something then it didn’t pop and if you weren’t it did.

Look up other thread and read the last pages of it for what the issue was.

Spotting these rewards can be tricky.

I have had them show up in the current race as I earn them.

I have had them show up in a later race when the server updates are running behind. Yesterday was a good example as rewards seemed to be delayed 15 minutes or so. (I knew where I stood at the start of 2 separate 6 lap Goliath races, which for me driving a credit HE car and using the double credit bonus within the skills page, I knew from past races that these two races would net me more than enough for the last two levels as I was about 22k away from gold at the start. I should have leveled up to gold around the half way point in the 1st lap of race 1, but did not get the notification until just after the start of lap 3 (ie, about 15 minutes later). Similarly I should have leveled up for platinum near the end of lap 6 in race 2, but did not get that notification until about 15 minutes later as well. I continued racing and was in the middle of another championship race when that notification came.

Keep in mind that the notifications appear for a very short time and I often miss them. I do, however, monitor my credit level closely as I near the 220k and 440k reward times so even if I miss the in game notification, I am able to see that I have received the credits by checking my credit levels from time to time. If I’m honest, the gold and platinum levels are the only two I really pay close attention to.

People speculated (and I believe they are right) that if you Level up after a race while at the same time reaching the next tier in the club, you lose the club bonus. I’ve found that to be true in my case., which means I rarely get the club bonus and at almost level 600, I’m probably due about 20 mil in Club Bonuses that I never received. But again, whatever. I have 35m and it’s being saved for HE cars only (whatever I don’t get off wheelspins or Forzathons).

I probably have about 200 wheelspins too, as I haven’t “willingly” used one in a month and a half, just what the game forces me to use.

Wow, not doubting you all, CriticalmassZ, but to me the likely hood of leveling up at the exact same time as you reach the next tier doesn’t seem to be very probable. Note, I am not saying it can’t happen, but statistically it just doesn’t seem like it would be a common occurrence.

I am nearing level 600 and when I do the 6 laps of goliath I generally level up 4 -5 times. I get those. I also get my club bonuses. I will say that when I am receiving the 930,000+ credits from the 6 laps of Goliath, an additional 100,000 or 200,000 may not be overly obvious. That is why I started writing down my credit level before the start of the long races so I could accurately see what rewards I was getting.

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I only ever get the first bonus when going from inactive to bronze I think it’s 27,500. I see that added to my total but I never get any other payment I check all the time but even if sometimes when I do get the pop-up appear the money is never added to my total.
It is a little disheartening especially when I find it really hard to earn credits in this game as I don’t have much time to play but that’s technology, never does what it’s supposed to, haha.

You got me. Unfortunately this is it. I knew how much money I had before level up and after that. Only rewards from goliath and wheelspins - not bonus which I should get. It shoul be fixed. Like many other things there…

I didn’t noticed any club rewards within the last three weeks. The silver or gold I should have recognized because it is a 100000 CR or 200000 CR but I didn’t.

It woud have been nice to get these rewards. At least they should implement it in a more transparent way, so that anyone can say for sure whether he got the rewards or not (e.g. like the daily rewards or as download).

That’s an issue i reported since the first week.
I think i posted 2 or 3 threads about the problem but it’s still not fixed and probably never will (sadly).
As i reported, you don’t receive club reward if you reach next tier level while receiving XP at the end of an event & leveling up.

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