Did turn10 release the Anti wall riding patch yet...?

I thought it came with the latest update but Im still seeing tons of wallriders…
I hope they also patch the corner cut on Abu

I don’t know but if they haven’t they should. And add some sticky patches to keep the corner cutters honest.

That have never said any of this will be patched.

I haven’t seen it writen down anywhere but wish list threads either

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It’s not been my experience that riding the wall makes you get around the track faster, however, admittedly I don’t race in the chaotic child’s sandbox that Turn10 calls the hoppers. The simple solution is to have hosted lobbies again, and those morons will just get bounced, but that’s not something turn 10 does. They keep trying to shove a crap online experience down our throat, and as a result, most rooms will continue to be smash up-derby-fests. Hopefully another semi-sim makes it way to the X1 soon and gives me something to race online.

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pcars and a new codemasters sim getting back to its roots, perhaps toca 2. if turn ten dont get their act straight soon nobody is gonna care if they got the bugs out of fm6 or not, people will have moved on.

What makes you think that any other racing game isn’t going to have the same issues?

because pcars is built and tested weekly. the community member get to vote on priorities. wish lists are something to be followed not ignored. and the testers are investors, they have a financial stake in the game, they are motivated to care. they will be paid from game sales probably doubling their investment. the community are the bosses, not the marks to be fleeced. with forza satisfying stock holders who never pay the game is the goal. with pcars every “stockholder” plays the game, tests the game, and are fans. pcars started as a kickstart game, it is entirely community funded. the developers answer to the community, not random accountants or publishers. the game iss the focus not the profits. and i think because of that the profits will be huge.

do you think there would be as many bugs in the game if dan had to answer directly to us rather than microsoft? at pcars they do have to answer directly to the community and all decisions are vote driven. if forza were p cars dan would have had the bugs fixed by now or been unemployed, he would have been voted out. go to youtube and check out pcars. it has less than 1/10 the the staff turn ten does. probably less than 1/10 the funding. its amazing what can be done when you have to deliver results rather than excuses. dan only has to suck up to one or two people at ms who probably dont even play the game. sms (the developers of pcars) have to keep the entire community as happy as possible. its like if dan had to come on this board and get his job instructions here. that would make a huge difference. and instead of spamming monthy threads wanting $10 a month from you he would be sending you a check every three months for helping develop and test the game. if you paid $60 you would get to play/test weekly builds before the game even came out, say what needed fixed 1st, then when the game was released retail you would get a check every 3 months for 2 years. you would probably double your money if it sells only 1 million copies. i’m thinking it probably sells 6-8 million. its on wiiu, ps4, xb1, pc, and steam machines.

pcars cuts out the middleman. the game is created for us by us. the developers take directions from us, not from pencil pushers who play spreadsheets not games. we get to choose what we pay for.

I used to work for Microsoft, and they care about customers more than you’ll ever know. The problem is that, when you have the visibility Microsoft has, everybody has an opinion.

Look at these forums. For every post, there is an equal and opposite counter-post. You want changes for wall-riders? Somebody else doesn’t. You want more ovals? Somebody else wants more curves.

Software designed by committee tends to remain in a perpetual state of “beta” testing (which has become the lazy way of shirking responsibility for finishing a project). This is my biggest fear for pcars.

Turn10 didn’t just have Forza 5 to worry about. They had to continue working on their other past projects while planning and developing a whole new game for a new platform. Of course they have more staff. They have a history that goes back years and years. If the only project they had to focus on at the time Forza 5 was being conceived, and if they left everything else completely behind, yeah - they probably could have fired a bunch of people.

If you’re not a dev, and if you’ve never worked in software, it’s easy not to realize how much work goes into it all and how much commitment is required on the part of the developers. What you create, you must maintain, and that requires people. Those who don’t understand the process see it as bloating. Do you think every T10 employee is working directly on Forza 5? If so, you couldn’t be more mistaken.

If you play Forza 5 and don’t see the amazing amount of work that’s gone into it, and if you haven’t found it rewarding, then chances are you’re expecting more than you should have for a launch title from a company that has other responsibilities. Focus always has to be split. It’s hard. Period.

At some point, the features, engine, etc. of Forza 5 had to be frozen. Why? Because professional outfits don’t release beta software. And, yes. there are bugs in Forza 5, but don’t confuse that with what most people have come to think of as “beta” - every piece of software, no matter how mature, always has bugs. Always. Some aspects of the game won’t please everybody. That’s life. Forza 5 wasn’t developed for you or me - it was developed for a much larger fan base, and to see it any other way is to be selfish.

Apologies for the impassioned tone here, but it gets wearing seeing people bring down T10 when they really don’t know what they’re talking about.


That’s factually inaccurate. Kickstarter donations are just that… donations. There is no return on an investment like that… those people gave money because they believed in the project and wanted to see it come to fruition, not because they were going to get a percentage of profits. In fact, PCars website has an investor page which states that the investors (people who ARE guaranteed a percentage) and “members” are two different things. This quote is pulled directly from WMDs investor page “This section is for Investors in Slightly Mad Studios Limited and www.wmdportal.com (WMD) only. It is not for Team Members or participants in WMD. Joining or becoming involved in WMD is not an investment opportunity and your involvement should not be viewed as an investment.” So, no, they don’t answer to that community any more than Turn 10 answers to the gaming community, in that they want to sell software to the public and so they’d better make it worth the public’s dollar.

Pcars starting to look pretty good, at least they have some ovals… Not laser scanned, but the game is shaping up quite nicely.

I’m pretty disappointed we haven’t gotten a single patch yet… I know they update a few things when they released the tracks, but there is so many game breaking things wrong with this game… The robo voice in game chat, like seriously… That should have been addressed in December.

Pcars is the great hope now that Dclub seems to be an arcady never-release and Tcrew is too much in the vain of NFspeed.
Ovals though, I’m totally alright with one. Prefer to have some real tracks with challenging layout and great scenery, a trip through nice surroundings.

The first corner on Bernese Alps is the worst. Always some jerk who uses that.

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Pcars still isn’t great in the physics department, take it from someone who spends a good few hours a week testing the new updates. The handling is all over the place atm, its still a work in progress though. Graphically though, pcars is great. they are so good they could be the games downfall.

The physics are getting better every week, and I think we have much to look forward to.

Before you go asking for the anti-wall-riding patch you might want to think about how that will change the driving experience for you in multiplayer. Let’s say they do make the surface of the walls such that it slows the car dramatically, similar to the sticky grass. So what happens to you, the clean, quick driver, when you’re behind a racer who makes a mistake and tags the wall? You’re running a clean line but a quick one… one that’s going to take you right up to the wall but not against it. Now all of a sudden you’ve got a barricade the size of a car that’s stuck to the outer wall and slowed dramatically in a hurry. It makes for an uncomfortable overtake at best or a race-ruining incident. Especially in places like Bathurst where there’s a fairly narrow track and margin of error. I’d guess that this is why they haven’t addressed the exploit yet. How do you fix the problem without creating serious obstacles for the clean drivers behind them?


I hit a wall on Long Beach this morning by accident. Car stuck like the wall was magnetized. Couldn’t get it off for a couple seconds, lol. From that I would have suspected that something existed in the game to prevent wall riding. But beyond that, as was mentioned earlier, who goes fast by riding walls anyway. I mean, I believe that it’s done, but that can’t be fast.

Wall riding is very fast on the tracks like alps and indie oval aa you carry more speed around the turn. I have watched people ride the wall on those tracks and they literally can finish 10 seconds faster then the rest cause we have to slow dowm amd they don’t. Untill they can fix those issues and not cause pile ups cause someone touched it and got thrown to a dead stop infront of you they wont be able to do anything about it. All I can think of is maybe they can put a mini tire wall at the middle and end of those corners to prevent players from riding it all the way around. By doing so people will be forced to avoid the wall or slow way down to avoid the tires since hitting those walls to fast will flip you if your not starting the wall rode at the start of the corner.

rdo, im not meaning to be rude here; but you seriously have no clue. P cars is an utter mess at the moment where it counts, the handling physics. Seriously, its hard to even go full throttle in 4th gear in the ford sierra in that game; it just spins the car around. Slightly Mad studios have concentrated far too much on the look of the game, and are now playing catchup for the full release. Im not going to lie, the handling is SLOWLY improving, but at the moment it handles worse than Burnout paradise in a high proportion of the cars currently in there. I paid at the start for Pcars, ive played it to death; and honestly most of the people will be very upset with it if the handling physics dont get on the level of the sims it is going to be competing against. Pcars physics at the moment don’t even compare to the likes of Live for speed, I racing, and even forza 5 and GT6. Forza 5 and GT6 are not where Pcars is aiming it sights by the way, it is aiming for the hardcore sim racer market; its main competition is I racing.

If you want a racing game that will be up to par of what you expect forza to be, I highly suggest you look at Assetto Corsa; it smacks down Pcars in every way but the graphics.


OK folks.

As soon as there is a completed game out there that is being played by 1,000,000+ players on the Xbox One console, we can discuss it here.

Until then, it is just guessing / hoping / wondering / etc. For now, take it to off-topic, or some other forum.

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