Did they remove the damage?

In this week’s SpoCom League, it does not seem to damage cars going full speed into walls or other cars. Has anyone else noticed?
I crashed so that my windshield broke, but no damage to the car?

Check what game settings they put

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Does this change each week?
Haven’t seen only cosmetic damage untill now. That’s one of the thing I loved with those leagues. Keep it clean or get hurt.

probably a mistake and they forgot to turn it on

Is there anywhere one can report stuff like that, so they might fix it?

I was asking myself the same thing last night in the DB9 Spec League. I got smashed going into the first turn of Daytona and had 0 damage.

message one of the mods, I checked, damage is set to cosmetic in the game settings

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And how do I find out who is mod? Sorry for n00b questions. But new on these forums.

Sensible question but AFAIK there is no official or public list, over time you’ll probably bump into them when racing online as they have the little T10 logo where people have the little crown for VIP.

Unfortunately T10 are rather secretive and non-communicative to players, it’s rare for them to comment or post in the forums but they do seem to monitor and read them so chances are your post is enough to have already made it known to them.

It’s rather common for the leagues to have misconfigurations ranging from not being able to select a car to inappropriate tracks (like ones with no pit and 1 quickstop set). Generally these sorts of issues get fixed up after a day or two but on the flipside it seems that sometimes they experiment and what seems like a silly thing is actually intended.

Given its been nearly 3 days now and there is still no damage in either the SpoCom or the Spec league it might be that this falls into the category of silly intended this week. If so i really hope its just for the week as it’s absolute wreckfests in both to the point where it feels almost as bad as hoppers do.

Fingers crossed its just a misconfiguration though and they’re just awfully slow at fixing it… only time will tell… or maybe just maybe a T10 person… but don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:


Please turn damage on.

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What league level are you at? I believe the lower level leagues do not have simulation damage turned on.

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I’m racing Elite, and there has been damage every week except this one.

Still nothing but cosmetic damage, so another week of destruction derby then… :confused:

This is highly disappointing as the only reason I persist playing this game is for the rare occasions when you have a good clean race and the sense of satisfaction it gives.
Looks like T10 have decided to remove sim damage in another attempt to curb the wrecking culture that has grown to new heights, unfortunately removing damage does not help in anyway, at least with damage on a wrecker would also find it difficult to continue wrecking when his/her vehicle was beyond repair. Now they can put you into a barrier or tire wall and continue through the pack, still ruining genuine racers entertainment, without any penalty.
Another huge step in the wrong direction or a tactic to push customers away from F6 and into buying FH3?
Either way it’s another poor show.

I have found this not to be true. I find sim damage makes the problem worst, because you can cause a lot more havoc and ruins and completely end people races. It’s however allow ever body to drive more careless and takes away strategys… which I do miss when the racing half way decent.


I find it that people just don’t care when it’s no damage, go full speed ahead and hit whatever you hit. The ones that are there to cause havoc will be there anyway, damage or no damage. But with no damage it seems no one cares. :neutral_face:


I’ve got to agree racing is much worse with damage off. There are a lot more “rubbing is racing” incidents. Also people who are a lap down ruining races all day. At least with damage there would be one wreck and done.

Please turn damage on.


The person responsible for Leagues hasn’t been online in 6 months, so I’m afraid your comments are going to fall on deaf ears. Looks like you’ll have to either put up with No Damage racing or find something else to do.

This has to be and obviously is not correct. If this was the case, why did the damage change from full to cosmetic a week ago?

Anyway, it’s a total disaster to drive now. My love for the game has gone down the drain. And yes, I’ll take you up on that. I’m probably going to stop racing as much.

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Yet there must be somebody setting up these leagues weeks after weeks, they must be able to do something.