Did the Daily Challenges finish a day earlier than expected?

I completed 2 dailies late last night (Daredevil, reach 125) and it completed for the week and got the bonus 60 pts for finishing the week. Huh? It feels like it finished a day earlier rather than today.

The final Forzathon task is the LONG JUMPER, “Earn 1 Ultimate Air Skill”.
This would’ve unlocked early this morning.

Did you complete this?

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No I haven’t. I see it shows now as 6/7 now. However, the bonus pts for completing a week (60 pts) is gold, so it seems I got the bonus a night early for some odd reason.

You should go and Earn 1 Ultimate Air Skill straight-away."
Just in case…

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Thanks I did. The season shows as 100% complete.

My worry was at the final week of this series, we all run into an issue of being unable to complete the daily challenges because we would be 1 short.

You’re welcome!
That was easy.