Did not receive Porsche 911 after doing Forzathon

So in the last Forzathon, the requirement was to complete a championship in the Aston Martin DB5 to win the 911 Turbo so I did just that. I got the achievement, however it wasn’t marked as “completed” in the forzathon section. I checked on the Forza subreddit and a user suggested to restart my Xbox. I turned it on the next day and still no Porsche 911. In fact, the forzathon achievement I got for completing the championship in the DB5 went away. Anyone else have this issue and are the devs aware of this?

I believe you had to win a championship.

For the 911 you only had to complete a championship. Did you complete all the races in the championship?

Doesn’t really matter now, you should have asked this BEFORE the event was over…


This. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an achievement popping and then being removed. Once it pops, it pops… account bound server/system update.

Are you sure you saw it pop?

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Just to support MoNeenja31’s assertion…

As a PC player (nooo idea how it works on Xbox), Forzathon achievements always first “pop” as an Xbox app notification identical to other non-game Windows 10 notifications.
About two-thirds of the time, the game itself does not immediately register the achievement (hence no reward).
That is, if I go to the Forzathon tile in game, it still shows as not completed.

So for me anyway, it is frequently the case that the achievement has popped as a Windows notification, while the game Forzathon tile still says I haven’t completed it.

Generally I fix it by connecting to a VPN (e.g. in the US or Germany) then restarting the game, which makes the game recognize the achievement and give me the reward without redoing the achievements.

Nice suggestion. I’ve connected to game server with VPN and immediately the awards popped up … I still call [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] though.

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The delayed Forzathon awards’ deliveries have already become natural to me. The worst award delivery for me took two months after that "thon ended due to Asian server issues.

The Porsche 959 award took few days after the end of that 'thon to be delivered to me. 911 Turbo? No exception still hasn’t arrived =D

Yes, I completed the championship and won it

I saw it pop. I’m just as baffled as you guys are,

This is my first time dealing with a Forzathon issue, sucks but whatever, Guess I’ll grind so I can buy one from the AH

Ah, its a regional service issue. I would just wait on the servers to update/refresh/break-dance (whatever they do that causes the delay)

Unfortunately this is not a game related issue, once the LIVE server sends an event receipt the game client will grant rewards.

How many cars do you have in your garage
550 is the capacity…cant recieve any more while it’s full

If you look in the main forzathon thread ManteoMax has a forzathon troubleshooting post …almost on every page too

Well I have great news! I have the 911 Turbo! I was going through my cars today as of 5/7/2017 and it appeared!


Edit: I JUST got the message saying I completed the forzathon for the 911 Turbo lol and I got the achievement again

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