Did I just get banned on FH3 for nothing?

Hey guys. Here’s my situation. It started when I was working on my liscence plate and I ended up putting “IMFASTER” on it. When I tried to apply the changes a message popped up saying that the liscence plate would not be seen by other online players so I guess that it must have been derogative or something so I changed it to 2FAST4U. the next thing I know. I wasn’t able to visit the auction house or join any multiplayer sessions on my XBox One console. After that I was confused so I decided that maybe There was something in the liscence plate that the server’s decided was derogative again or something? So I went back to change my Liscence plate to the HORIZON default. But still couldn’t access online or Auction House. I checked my network connection and everything was fine with that. I hard reset my console but still nothing. I reset my router and did everything I was instructed to do with the help of Xbox live support. But still can’t access the online features in game. I was able to get online with my other games but not on any of the Forza titles. Have I been banned because of the harmless Liscence plate of “IMFASTER?” And how would that be considered derogative? I don’t know what else to think. I haven’t received any messages from turn ten yet saying that I have been banned. Everything was fine until I changed my liscence plate. Any suggestions?

It could just be the servers playing up.

Try again tomorrow.

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If you don’t get either a notification that you’re banned or clarification from a moderator, then it’s likely a connectivity issue. I was disconnected in mid-play twice this morning, though I was able to get back on after a few minutes.

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I could be wrong, but I didn’t think you were allowed to put taunting or your car (which those number plates are).

I have had 2FAST4U since the game came out

And it’s a lie! :wink:


I just changed my plate to ‘IMFASTER’ and went online with it. No problem at all.

Whatever instantly determines words that can’t be used is a script not a human. So there would need to be something in the plate that could be defined before-the-fact. Like curse words and pretty much only that. The only thing l can get out of that is the letters MF but it would be quite far fetched to just ban those two letters appearing in succession.

lt’s just a connection issue.

[Mod edit - WSD - Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the ToS]

Hmmmmmm…this is oddly helpful about a post I made a while back about not being able to share a photo. I made a photo of a rocket bunny s13 by the gas pump and had it named rocketbs13 but when i tried sharing it I was told that I tried to share inappropriate content. So i changed the name to 1 and tried sharing it but same thing, I even tried waiting a few weeks later but still the same thing. I wonder if the paint was what it considered inappropriate because it had 6666 customs written on the fender, however I made the design and was able to share the design without problems so who knows. I had to delete photo anyways so I’ll retry it again eventually.

[Mod edit -WSD - do not repost inappropriate content ]

Yeah, apparently four 6’s are as bad as three. I just tested it and got the same dialogue box.

Again. I’ll just be mindful of what pictures I take. If I need to take a picture that may be questionable, like a skull and crossbones it gave me the same box for, I’ll just screenshot and send it to the OneDrive, then share it from there.

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If you people are seeing these things in-game, are you reporting them? That’s why there is a button where each of us can make sure these unacceptable items are brought to the attention of Turn 10 for their actions. When you Report something, a copy of the item is sent to Turn 10.

As for text entries, such as naming files, etc., that is - as it has always been - the Xbox Live language filter. It is not under Turn 10’s control at all, but mandatory in every game where user created items can be posted.


Yes, I do report them. I don’t want to see them and I’m sure others don’t either.

Still doesn’t really explain why basic things are considered inappropriate. Like a skull and crossbones when they’re tons of them uploaded. Or, four 6’s for that matter but it’s whatever. No system is without its flaws.

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I struggle to believe this game has image recognition for offensive words. What a waste of resources to implement something so difficult.

Probably another connection issue.

I had the same thought but I’ve tested several things and got the same dialog box each time. If it is the case, I agree with you. Just let the players report them and dedicate those resources elsewhere.

I have also only tested this with the preset letterings so I don’t know if original ones would yield the same result.