Did anyone watch the ForzaMotorsports Friday night stream on twitch? w/Ayo Jube?

Ayo Jube was painting a Gallardo Super Trofeo as I was told by a Mod in the stream and now I can not find the paint job anywhere.

Anyone know the exact car and what I should be searching for to find it?


i didn’t see it but he may not have finished or shared it yet. the gamer tag might be different than the twitch name. and i think the real jube is Jube3 on twitch, but i could be wrong. been a long time for me since i watched him, fm4 i think.

the car would be the #18 dragon speed gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofio which is a lamborgini (if it doesn’t show up on that one after a while try the #14 gmg racing)

He said there were a number of spots he wanted to improve on before he shared it.

okay that’s good news! - I spent 600k on two Lamberghini’s thinking I got the wrong one. :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing the finished one now and hope I have the right gamertag which I thought they said in the stream was “Ayo Jube”.

you do. jube3 is evidently his twitch name.

No, I were at work :frowning:

Jube said that he wanted to put more work into the car before releasing it as he had a number of spots to clean up but ran out of time.

It was a fun stream though, a bunch of painters showed up in the chat and shared tips. Jube even searched for one of my logos :slight_smile:

Yeah I was really enjoying the stream as I don’t get to see the Pros paint very often. But it was Friday night with company over and I had to pop in and out of watching some of the stream.

Hopefully he will post when the paint job is finished. I also want to make sure I have the right car.

You should hop in on Tuesdays as well if you can, always makes for some great fun watching our favourite racer John crash :wink: