[DEW] Dewstain's Painters Paradise

Nissan R31 Skyline GT - 120 768 898

Renault R5 Turbo Retro Rally Livery - 880 795 805
Accompanying Dirt Tune (Top 100 times) - 570 882 423

MK3 GTI RBR - 167 339 116
Accompanying Dirt Tune

Peugeot 205 T16 - 173 881 326
With tune by Zeroskatr68 - 687 126 523

MKV Supra - 132 049 331

F450 Group B - 138 435 164

Bronco Group B - 141 730 354

F1 Alpine inspired A110 - 178 838 051

I also posted up a slew of older liveries that I transferred. Tunes for a couple of these are out there too.


Always good to see when someone gets the painting buzz back, I like the Supra :+1:t5:

I do love Forza, although I really can’t wait for Motorsport to come back.

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nice work

Love the enthusiasm and especially the paints. Great start to yours FH5 gallery. Looking forward to seeing more.

WIP of a livery I’ve been working on. Couple more logos to finish.

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Added this nugget to the OP. Here are some additional pics:


That Alpine looks spot on, good photos too!

Thanks! My kid was looking at this post earlier and said, “those pictures are in game?!?”

Woah, glad to see you still around! I’ll start nabbing your paints.

Horizon is Ok, but I also can’t wait for the next Motorsport. If only I could get my hands on a Series X at retail price…


Wow dude, long time no see.

How’s your 370Z?

Just finished this homage to Sebastien Loeb’s Pikes Peak 208 car that he set the record in. Painted on a 205 T16 with an awesome rally tune by Zeroskatr68. I think he’s got it pretty high up the LBs.

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MK3 GTI RBR Inspired Livery - There’s a tune that’s decent that I have shared as well.

Share Code for Livery - 167 339 116

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Finally got around to getting some of your designs and tunes. They really didn’t make it easy to quickly go through a user’s Creative Hub and pull stuff quickly. :confused:

Love the Supra and the tune!

Yeah it seems to get a bit more clunky with each game. You can “follow” people you like and it puts their stuff to the front. That’s what I do now, hardly ever search unless it’s something totally new.

New Renault R5 Turbo livery I based on some '80s classic Renault F1/Rally cars:

Share Code - 880 795 805
Accompanying Dirt Tune I’ve set a bunch of top 200 and top 100 times with, including #69 (nice) on Desierto Trail - 570 882 423

I don’t wanna be that guy that says it looks better in game, but the yellow is as close as the game can get to the authentic Renault yellow from a Megane. It is metallic and looks awesome in game, doesn’t really pop in pics.

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New car up, have a tune I’m working on for it too. It’s the '80s Skyline!

Share Code: 120 768 898