Dev don't care about people with no Live

Forza series are my favorite car game (I have all of them) , I always have a Xbox just for this game. I don’t have a lot of time to play, around 5-6h per weeks, so I don’t need or buy the Live or the gamepass.

Because this, I bought the game at full price, I didn’t get it for free. But the Dev don’t care about it.

There are so many thing to do online in the Forzathon that it’s impossible to get the second car that are an exclusive new one. They always

I bought the game for encourage the Dev Team but I can’t get the same thing that a guy that got the game for free, WHY!!??

Every new week just destroy my joy on this game and this will be probably my last Forza game. I know I’m only one on 14 millions that will quit Forza, but I know that I’m not the only player that didn’t have the Live and I know this ones have the same pain that me.


Jeff - for what it’s worth. I do have live and gamepass, haven’t yet purchased this game but did all the others. I just don’t do the festival playlist - I have gained one car from it and been playing since release.

I only did that as noticed I was so close just from doing a few bits and bobs to see if they worked or not.

I’ve enjoyed the game a great deal so far - but playing on my terms and not letting the playlist dictate to me what I should be doing in my available gaming time. For me it’s been rivals to be fair - which I’m not sure if you can do without live?

But you may have enjoyed previous games that didn’t have a playlist just fine - find that whatever that was. There are plenty of cars in the game without getting worried about some that may be unobtainable for whatever reason.

Then, if you are not already bored to death, you will be very soon lol.

You are unlike millions of users such as myself that can play the game for free using gamepass. You are a genuine disatisfied customer who’s complaint which I’ve heard many times now should be listened to and addressed. Unfortunately IMO I don’t think you will ever get the outcome you want. If anything it’s a way to encourage you to buy LIVE and increase their revenue even more.


I agree with the sentiment. Too much of the car content requires online and seems to take way too much time. However, the reason they do this is because Gamepass players aren’t getting the game for “free.” They are paying a monthly subscription and their access will end when they don’t renew or when the game goes EoL and is removed from Gamepass. The devs have created monthly seasons with time gated content to keep people playing and therefore paying.


It’s not that they don’t care about the people that don’t have XBLive, it’s that they actively dislike you. They want you to cough up the $5 a month to papa-MS. :slight_smile:
You could start using Bing as your primary search engine, and use the rewards points you rack up to start getting XBL for free. But, that’s up to you.

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There’ll always be people who won’t get some of the seasonal content: those without Live, those with not enough time, those who went on a trip that week, etc.

There are however, additional ways to get cars outside of the festival playlist.

Auction House is one of them.
Various community events is another.

For example, we’ve been running weekly events for last 6 weeks non-stop and each time a winner received a car of their choice (one of the winners got his SVJ almost two weeks before it was technically possible via Festival Playlist).

There are other teams and communities who run events of all sorts, also supported with prizes, including cars.

But - regardless of the way to get the cars, there’ll need to be some effort - Festival Playlist, or credits grind for AH, or participation in events.

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At this point it’s just plain unfair to Xbox users when PC players can play online for free.

Remember that an Xbox console owner is supposed to be the most important customer to Microsoft, but currently is treated the worst of all 3 platforms (PC, Xbox, cloud). If PC parts were cheaper I’d have already sold my Series X and built a PC, especially since I wasn’t impressed with the console when it comes to power.

The Auction House is an alternative. One that I don’t like. Rewarding flippers and exploiters with their 20 million is even worse than wasting hours grinding the boring events in the Playlist. It’s a very bad system that’s doing the opposite of what it set out to do and PG refuses to change it because they are a proud studio who almost never admits their own mistakes, blaming them on players instead.

I haven’t tested it BTW but don’t you need Xbox Live Gold for the AH anyway? So the point is moot.


Ditto. I’m not a fan of using the auction house as a work around. I want to be the original owner of all my cars this time around. That, and the in-game economy is perhaps the most stingiest it has ever been since Horizon 2. It takes a long time to get a lot of credits this time around unless you’re a creator or a scalper. Even actually playing the game isn’t enough, and wheelspins are still pretty useless with so many clothes and horns cluttering them up.

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If you go to your character customisation screen and buy all the clothing items, you no longer get any in wheelspins…I did that and haven’t had any since then.

Regarding taking a long time to get credits, I haven’t found that at all…I have played since the 5th November (probably have close to 300 hours so played a lot admittedly) and have every single car (bar the odd one that is Wheelspin/FT shop/Playlist exclusive) with none bought from the Auction House (i have only bought a couple that I wanted duplicates of and were wheelspin etc exclusives) and have around 80 Million in credits and I’m not a creator (well, I create tracks but no-one plays them so I earn almost nothing from them) nor a scalper.

Well, I’m glad to hear that, but my experience has been the exact opposite, and I too have been playing since November 5th. Money is so tight that I can’t even afford the “buy all the clothes” strategy, and quite frankly, I shouldn’t even have to try that strategy because this is a racing game, not a fashion simulator.

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Because Consoles are sold for loss. Thats why they are cheaper then Pc. Microsoft has to earn money through its products and services. It shouldnt be hard to understand this simple economics.

I know this. Which is exactly why console customer is the most important. Microsoft owns the store and gets a cut out of everything you purchase in it. Now the store is on PC as well, but their biggest share is on console, as PC is dominated by Steam.

Even the whole concept of Game Pass is based on a loss leader strategy that may or may not work. Microsoft is not content with being just another one, they want to be leader. This was their move in order to secure leading position in a possible future without consoles. Xbox Series S is a very cheap console clearly sold for much less than it costs to produce and intended to be one of the main access points for Game Pass.

"Online Interactivity - Offers in-app purchases. - Online multiplayer on console requires Xbox subscription (sold separately)."

This is displayed on every digital sellers description of the game and even on the hard copy of the game.

It quite clearly states that you will need to interact online so an internet connection will be needed. It also states that it has in-app purchases, it being a racing game it would be highly assumed they mean cars and additonal content such as expansions. Lastly to interact with players in any part of the games design ie: Adventure, Auction House, Rivals, Tour, Eliminator and a large section of the Playlist you will need a subscription (if on Xbox) to facilitate this.

A large portion (after the problems with FH4) of players using console went with Gamepass, which means they paid a relatively low price (nearly net zero) to obtain FH5, which most would have already had for other games and FH4. I agree PC users don’t need Gamepass and it sucks but that’s the way it is and remember, they don’t get the benefits for being able to multiplay other games not available to PC or download Top ranked games.

So to sum up. It is abundantly clear and outlined what is required for the game and what is included and what is not. This is not the Devs fault and realistically it is the Studio and Microsoft you should have a beef with as they sell the game, not design it.


I have Gamepads for a, reason, I can try before I buy a game, and in the case of FH5, even though I play it I refuse to buy the game outright. I have purchased every FH in the series since FH2, never did play the original because I was a NFS freak in those days. I’m not a huge fan of requiring a Live account to play online though, I believe that if you purchase a game you should have full access to every feature of that game without being required to pay a subscription fee to access them. And that is just one more reason I won’t buy the game, I pay them to play it now, not going to be charged double for it. I can simply quit playing and call it good. They don’t care about their player base, that have shown that over and over again, just look at the known issues list, this game should have never been released in the current state, and if I was the one in charge, it wouldn’t have been and a lot of people would have been fired.
Bottom line, they are not going to change nothing, you only have 2 options, don’t buy it and don’t play it, or don’t buy it and just pay for the subscription like I do, eventually they will lose my money from this franchise because I am just one broken feature away from walking away from this franchise for good.
Only way they will change is when people quit logging in every day, even if you are paranoid about missing out on the latest and greatest shiny new object you don’t need to play daily, stop playing 6 days out of the week and watch what happens.
Yeah, they don’t care about us, but we keep telling them that is fine, we still play every day.