Deth zone breaks in setting

Hello, can add a setting to adjust the death zone of breaks like Grid?
because the logitech g920 have an hard break to press.
Thanks a lot.

If the problem is that the brake is hard to press, I wouldn’t expect adjusting the Dead Zone to fix it. That’s usually for the opposite problem.

You are supposed to lower the top end to 70%, but actually it makes you car harder to drive. You are better off just pressing harder with your foot, or fixing the actual hardware.

Or if you mean fix FH5 so that braking is easier like 70% without messing up soft braking then yes that would be good.

In the game grid ther is more setting For logitech g920… I can’t set other because I play with Xbox…
But in grid I can decide when pedal star and when finish…

You press X on Xbox it has Start Finish.

You can set dead zones in the controller settings, I think you need to press X to get into the advanced settings? There’s also a fix for the pedals, should be able to find something on YouTube.