Designs of various cars

In this topic you will see my own created designs. Famous cars, simple cars, fast cars every type of car with custom design will be posted here. One design creation takes 6-7h for me so every 2-3 days i will post new photos. Feel free to comment, rate and buy designs in storefront. visit my gallery for more car content

BMW 2002 turbo design. Available at storefront.

Ford fiesta rockstar design. Available at storefront

Chevrolet Nova 1966. Available at storefront.

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Ford fiesta, BMW 2002 turbo, Chevrolet nova, race photos.

Toyota 1989 MR2 SC. Buy this design and hop in Toyota MR2 challenge right away. Available at storefront. (limited x10)

Ford mustang 429. Simple and beautiful design. dont miss your chance to ride this American muscle. Available at storefront.

Xbox world drift competition car. Grab this design in storefront right away.

Hi guys. this time i want to ask you for little feedback. Please tell me what type of cars you like. Drift, muscle, sports, old, new etc. This will help me to pick category for making designs, also feel free to comment something about car designs i made, whats wrong and whats should be made in future. Thanks everyone 500k made from designs already.

1969 Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds 442. beautiful old looking design for another muscle car. Available at storefront.

2009 Volkswagen Scirocco GT. Available at storefront.

2010 FIAT Punto Evo Sport. Metallic ghost design. available at storefront.

1992 Nissan Silvia CLUB K’s HKS Drift car. Available at storefront.

2011 Citroen DS3 Sport design. Available at storefront.

Ok… 1 small defect in your CIT DS3 design… You have 2 different tyre company’s advertising… Doesn’t really look right, maybe lose one.

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yeah you are right. and thats not small problem :slight_smile: ty il fix this

1969 Shelby GT500. Pure power car. Available at storefront.

Toyota Celica SS-l. Shark racing design. Available at storefront.

some photos was deleted somehow. its race photos and toyota mr design…

This time PAITON design. Available at storefront. you can also join paiton club just send me request

Second PAITON design. join PAITON club to ride this car for free. Available at storefront.

Audi RS4 Paiton design. Available at storefront.

Video presentation of this car and Paiton.

Chevrolet corvette Grand sport convertible design. this design i made in forza horizon this time. Available at storefront.