Designs From JuniorGTR

i have someone named Juniorgtr on xbox one and he can do very nice Designs not decals or race more like air brush and alot more Fantasy but his best work is on the 2005 Mercedes SLR, he has in many colors its really his only serious piece of work took around 5-6 hours 7 max cant remember exactly but take a look at if you like it then use it :), also if there is a car you want done message him and say what you want color,design, ect and he will be happy to do it but give him time he has a job ya know like most people and he takes his time doing the design cause im sure you want it done right lol

lets see some pics

I cant upload any pic but just search his name for the SLR an boom there his paint pretty simple as it is but who knows…^^^

why cant ya upload pics? everyone else can… im not going on a wild goose chase to find something i may hate

i cant upload pics because i dont feel like it and exactly how is it a (wild goose chase) when all you have to do is type in the creaters gamer tag…just saying you are making it way more complicated than it really has to be…and im sure everyone understands the simplistic requirments and steps to accept and procced this request since nobody else has made that statement or asked a question that is even close to yours…so again i shall try this again all you have to do is…

1.have the 2005,Mercedes ,SLR
2.go into paint Find New Design
4.Select Search
5.Select Creater
6.Enter the Gt:JuniorGTR
7.look through the Designs he has available for the selected Vehicale
8.if you Approve the Apperance that the Design has given your 2005,Mercedes,SLR,Then Press the (A) Button and Apply the Design to your 2005,Mercedes,SLR

If for some reason something has went wrong then i have some trouble shooters the steps but slower…
2.if problem still presists then please contact your local Reading Tutor as he/she may be able to assist with your literacy

The design(s) was meh, nothing too special to be honest.

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Wow… could you be anymore of a douche!

I wouldn’t even bother to check your mates designs based purely on your attitude, with friends like you… who needs enemies.

Come back when you want to act like a big boy.

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Hmmmm maybe your right it seems i do need to work on my tolerance and self-control when i encounter stupid, thanks for the info i shall try harder next time

You clearly don’t know how advertising works. You want to bring interest? Quit being rude, and show what you have in store.

and there ya have it…you dont want to…ok cool.
we dont want to either. fair enough. and from what FanTM said…doesnt sound like we need to either
gotta remember us stupid people need pictures to get anywhere. have a nice day buddy

Here’s a picture:


ill bring the popcorn

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