Designing 101 for dummies

I would like to start pushing designs for FM4. I understand that I have to do it on the web but I’m having problems here is there a place I go or is this an import coding thing?

No program or importing is used in the designs that you see. It involves time, patience and more time. All I can say is go into the paint editor in the game and start messing around with the shapes. There are some very helpful tutorials in the forums to help you out.

I agree - it’s all about taking your time being patient to first learn how to use the available shapes to combine them into whatever you want to create. I started designing “seriously” in FM3, but didn’t spend more than perhaps 100-200 hours in the vinyl editor before FM4 came out. By now, I have spent 800+ hours on editing vinyls and liveries in FM4 and maybe 300 hours in FH. Now, we have FM5 which allows SO many more layers on the cars that it’s possible to create pretty much anything without having to be too worried about running out of layers. For example, in FM5, I have a Budweiser can that consists of over 1,000 layers!

My advice is to start small and be patient, and learn how you can change the available shapes by turning, resizing, skewing, and changing their opacity.

Good luck, and most importantly - have fun!

not all good things happen over night but like chedderbob said just mess around the editor and shapes and you’d be supprised what comes together. To be honest my work took me almost 2 years before i found out what worked for me and many pain staking hours of stairing at shapes. all you need is a vision of what you want and let the rest flow from there.

I totally agree with everyone here. I really started painting around the end of fm1 and the beginning of fm2! I didn’t really get good until fm4 as that’s when I started taking it seriously. I remember the first decent paint job I did was a replica of Michael essa’s 2013 fd car. It took me a whole month to get it done and there was still better ones in the sf. :(. But no bother, I was very proud of the job I had done and just recently I finished Michael essa’s 2014 fd car. It is now the highest rated version in the sf! Super stoked on that! I mostly do what I want now instead of replicas, my own stuff is more fun and obviously easier lol.

Main thing is to have fun and learn as much as you can. If your wanting to do replicas then you need to embrace the fact that it will take lots and lots of practice and patience but it can be done.

I remember when I used to think the same thing you did about uploading stuff to the cars through the internet lol.

Good luck bro