Design Requests?

I’ve been in a painting spree lately, whipping up a few simple designs. Basically, I hate browsing the designs and only seeing race cars packed with race stickers.

I’ve mostly been working on nice-looking, but simple stuff - U.S. Post Office jeep, Google Maps car, etc. I’m not up to doing anything super fancy like portraits or Optimus Prime dancing on a unicorn… but if anyone has a request for something they’d like but haven’t seen (Or would like a nicer rendition of), post here and I’ll see what I can come up with…

  1. Car Make/Model (No DLC)
  2. Design request

Can you do a paint job of D.J. from Disney Pixar Cars on the Ford Transit SuperSportsVan he looks like this
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Can you make it I really need this paint job

Give me a day or two.

Fair warning: The Ford Transit Supersportsvan has a texturing issue on the back, so designs get warped on the upper right hand portion.

I already made one yesterday… it does warp while driving… but it doesnt warp to bad imo :wink::grin:

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Hey do I need to install the Forza Rear wing to fix the warp issue?

The warp will be there nomatter what you do…

I finished mine up quick, since SnakeEyes already did such a good rendition.

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Nice job VL! I didn’t know he asked you to do it… until i posted it on the forums and saw your post…

SnakeEyes Friex, you annoy me.

First you refuse my requests (most of which are just the same paint job on different cars), and then you open up this request thread. You say my requests are not interesting to you. They are not supposed to be. They are interesting to me. Other people’s requests are interesting to them. If you will do other people’s requests, then why won’t you do mine?

Since you opened up this request thread, I suppose I will ask you again to do my FOUR requests. Remember, three of them are the same paint job on different cars. They are not for you. They are not meant to entertain or interest you. Maybe they do, but that is not their main purpose. Their main purpose is to interest me. Do not be so selfish. If you open a request thread, then you need to be willing to take people’s requests, whether you like them or not.

Hello JaCor,

As been pointed out this is not my thread…

Someone asked me through a xbl message to do the DJ design, and I had no idea he had posted in here… Just wanted to notify the original poster (VulpesLibertas) that I had already made this request…

I do lot’s of requests… if the request is interesting to me… if it’s not i will not put much effort into it and it wouldn’t come out right … in my opinion…

so you requested something that I did not think would look good if I would do it… that is why i didn’t take your requests…

Still want to say thank you for coming to me with your request… but maybe VulpesLibertas would like to take them on… ???

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Hang on there JaCor … SnakeEyes is not who started this request thread. Probably ought to make sure you have the right person mentioned when you call someone out.


You beat me to it Wildcat! Get your facts right before you call out someone! SnakeEyes has been nothing but helping to everyone in the Forza Community!


I wondered if I was missing something.

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Snake is like royalty in the paint booth he has done a lot of paint for all of us to enjoy please show some respect

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More than happy to consider requests, JaCor653, especially since SnakeEyes Friex has been so gracious:

  1. Car Make/Model (No DLC)
  2. Design request

But remember, the artist works for their gratification, not yours. Nobody is required to make you art, and you are not required to use their work. A relationship works by mutual consent to mutual benefit.

“When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion—when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing—… —you may know that your society is doomed.” -D’Anconia

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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS-454

Barn find race car, #020, red and white

Could you try to make this, please?

Simple enough. Let me know if you want anything more elaborate
Livery name 20
Description “Barn Find 20”