Design color change deemed inappropriate over original?

I’m trying to save my design for the Nissan R34, and I have already saved and shared one version that is silver/chromed, but when I go to save one with gold I can not share it. What gives?!
GT: Janno BuzzBazz
You can see my silver DriftPanda design, and while it has some flaws I’d like to fix I can’t share any new iterations.

Just for clarification, The japanese text on the back says “speed hunters” and the side is as of yet just chinese/japanese gibberish.
Anything else should be fine. “Made in Japan” should be fine and “senpai” is just master/teacher in Japanese. The closest thing to anything inappropriate is the word “Kitty” on the front panels, and they are nicknames for my Wife.
So again, what gives?

If you’re being stopped from sharing a design by the language filter … it’s because of either the file name or the description you’re trying to enter. Not what’s actually on the car. The game can’t ‘read’ what decals or text you have put on the car. So check the file name and description.


You’re not trying to use the shortened version of Japan as part of the file name? That’s one of the banned words

To all questions, no and no, I checked all the layers and nothing was “wrong” and no name should have been a problem, but I decided to just redo the white layer as that is what seemed to work for the Evo I made a copy of, and presto! It worked, but the fact that I had an all white layer that was flagged makes it seem very picky about stupid stuff.

Why would an all white layer, that only I can edit, that has no visible lines or text be a problem?
Either way, the design is now available for download.

What is in the paint is irrelevant. The language filter is.
What name did you share your paint with white as? Then what name did you try and fail to share with gold as?

In my experience, using the word “gold” in a title frequently gets flagged. Dunno why.