deomolition derby

Is it possible to make a Demolition Derby event with compulsory car damage turned on ?

Maybe more experienced players know a way to achieve something similar possibly a club event or something…

Ha! I like it.
I could see a playground game with with sim damage automatically on being pretty fun. I 'd definitely check it out :slight_smile:
Won’t be implemented here, but you could probably organize a private free roam with agreed upon boundaries and car-type.

Aren’t most public lobby races with collisions basically a demolition derby? Or have people been getting better about that?


Every road feels like a derby… with 10 cars per every 100ft and all.

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It would be cool only if the damage models were better in forza. It wouldn’t be that interesting with only slight dents / scratches.

You could just start an online race with randoms. Chaos everywhere!

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