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Never really been one for the photography side of Forza but this time around I thought I’d give it a bash.

Not nearly as good as some of the super realistic shots I’ve seen others post (how do you do it?!) but some early attempts here, hopefully I’ll improve as a photographer over time.

Had another play around with the camera last night, tinkered with the exposure, aperture and focus after reading some comments and tips (more comments and tips would be appreciated too).

The adventures of the A-Team GMC Vandura :slight_smile:

A lot of good shots here, and a good start. Love the A-Team van!

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More experimentation. Very pleased with how the photo of the back of the MX5 turned out.

These do look much better in 4K too, especially this one (click makes bigger) with the rain.

Great action shot.

Very realistic.

Cheers. That means a lot. I’m extremely critical (and this 4k enhanced setup does me no favours - hence few complex liveries on my vehicles now) so that means a lot.

Action shots are the bane of my life, I always think they are too blurry and should be as crisp and clean as the MX5 rear end photo but I guess that’s not what action shots are about, it should be a little blurry, that 'hog was going some as Cortana was counting down 5, 4, 3, damn where’s the finish line!, 2, 1…

I like the idea you were going for in this shot and while the starting layout is nice. I feel it could of been so much more in the depth and composition area. Now what do I mean about more depth.

If the statue was overlapping the first few windows on the left side of the building or even right side windows. In my view it would of resulted in a more complex shot. Anyway with that all said. I will try to pop by again in the coming weeks or near the end of October.

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This is awesome

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Autumn is here, it throws a new twist on the scenery.

4 More shots. C&C welcomed as always.

Oh hey look it’s The Lost MC Gang’s, Gang Burito Van lol…in seriousness tho, love the headlight shot of the Mazda.

Yeah, I had that comment from a photo I posted on imgur from FM7 of the same van (a serious one too). The difference between kids and adults (well probably not kids but you know, people younger than me). I always will see this as the A-Team van, my nephews will say “I love the Burito van”. It feels wrong to compare the two (however much I have played GTA and had the Burito for this very reason)

Cheers for the comments.

Oh man I totally forgot the van was actually based on A-Team and not GTA V lol…I even saw the (remake version of A-Team) not the older one twice.

Great stuff! I love the statue and the halo guy. I did a few shots in the halo showcase… the detail on those ships is amazing!!!

After a few moments deciding between the first two shots. My favourite is the second one since the layout is more balanced in my view.

Nice shot!

Thanks. This one was an after thought and only because I took one of the RS5 like that too for a very specific reason… for comparison to my S5. I liked the shot so much I did it with my TT (which was one of only a few cars I owned at the time).

One day I’ll find a spot in the Horizon map that matches another shot I have of the S5 to do a S5 IRL/RS5 Horizon comparison (sure, not quite the same car and there are some differences but if they will forget about the S and only give me an RS in game what can I do).

Got a few more shots done this weekend that I’ll be posting later. Some good, some not so good, some experimental.

Side note - is there a way to open up car doors etc. or use the Bond cars features outside of Forzavista? I’ve seen shots of the lotus with it’s fins out and no idea how to do this.

Also, shots from up high, I just can’t get the camera that high, how do people do that?

Cheers for all the comments.

More shots from the weekend.

Forzathon Lineup

Experimental - focused on the dash in the dark

Stopped for ice cream but they were closed


Couldn’t get the camera any higher to square this up

Really liking that one!

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Only a couple more today, didn’t get much time in FH4 yesterday, but did spoil myself with this chap. (P.S. I really miss HDR when viewing these on PC)

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My favourite from post 16 is the last shot.

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