Demo crashes at winter cut scene

Today I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 just to give this game Demo a try (because it looks awesome). However, when I started the game (demo) I got to the part where it transitions to winter and you get the truck and it crashes to desktop. This happened 3+ times. I also had some weird crashes where the game would start then it just crashes to the desktop before the start screen.

My Nvidia drivers are up to date.

I have a decent system and should be able to play on ultra (tried bot 4k and 1080, both crashed)

I read some posts about something having to do with memory issues… that also should not be an issue since I have 32Gb DD4.

anyway… kind of wishing I never upgraded to windows 10. Heard it had issues but thought most were fixed.

Any tips to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Win 10
I7 9700k
32Gb (3.2GHz) DDR4
RTX 2080 Super
MSI Z390 Pro Carbon AC

its a demo only issue, it uses a pre-realese version which is way broken then the current one, honestly just try teh game with the 1 dollar 1 month gamepass

Review the articles at Forza Support for possible solutions, and if you’re still experiencing the issue, use the Submit a Ticket at the bottom of each article so the support team can investigate.