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Not sure if there already a thread as I am new to Forza forums but I started playing Forza horizon 2 yesterday have all dlc’s car packs + VIP pass downloaded on my Xbox and still have to pay in game credits for dlc cars and don’t get the VIP wheel spin the Xbox is my husband home Xbox so game was bought in his account but I log in and use it to play I also deleted my saved data and it loooks like I have mistakenly deleted it from everywhere so the free gifted cars I recieved in my message centre are now gone is there a way I can get them back or are they gone forever help would be greatly appreciated

They VIP cars are one-time download exclusives. And I’m not exactly sure how the home Xbox system works, but I think you have to own the DLC on your account to be able to use it. I could be wrong though.

If I remember right VIP only works on the account that purchased it, other accounts can buy the cars in the autoshow for in game CR. The free DLC cars are usually only for thre purchasing account - again other accounts can access them but may not get them for zero credits.