The issue with the laps was probably the bug that often happens when trying to do a Circuit race from a Sprint race start point…I did a track yesterday which took ages and got the issue during the test of it.

As to the Unbeatable Accolade: As far as I know, it needs to be done on a Horizon track…all the races I did on Horizon tracks counted, ones done on customs didn’t. After all, someone could create a 10 second race to beat them which would make the Accolade pointless.

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I cant do a circuit starting at a circuit start. It puts the finish line about 10 metres short of the start line.

Trier at 2 circuit starts

I had something similar yesterday, first time I’d tried creating a route or an event. The start line was where it should be but the blue driving line was about 10m behind me, so the finish line seemed to appear early. I only noticed because the start was on a bend so the driving line started in the grass verge behind me! Good luck if anyone follows that lol.