Delete terrible progress bar sound from the game

Delete this terrible disgusting sound while progress bar in horizon live is filling. I can’t imagine who came up with this idea to add this disgusting and useless sound into the game

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o.O ppl have problems…

use the form here for other sounds

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I noticed this too the last time I played a Horizon Arcade event. I don’t know why they think it needed a sound added to it.

I had to turn down my UI sound slider to save my ears from the awful noise it makes.

It sounds like a literal arcade from the early 90’s

Yeah, the addition of the sound in Arcade events is, to me, is just a weird one…I cannot imagine a single person had asked for this so why they decided to add it to the game is anybody’s guess. Let’s just hope the work that went into it didn’t mean they didn’t work on one of the plentiful bugs in the game (that’s assuming Playground do the sound stuff and that it’s not done by a 3rd party company)

They were finished fixing all the bugs they intend to fix so they decided to add some “improvements”.