Delay / High Latency on Multiplayer or Live Session

Hello guys,

I played FH4 about 1 month already, previously doesnt have this issue.
but few days ago after updating Fortune Island, I found out when Im playing multiplayer game I will have delay issue

Example like : Driving normally suddenly car acts like slowed down. Then all of a sudden the lag stops,
and you’re smashing into wall or fences. or the car was behind me, suddenly it goes infront of me. the world just goes very slow, after a few second it moves forward like 3-4 second ahead

can somebody help me on this? its very frustrating.

Between, im running high setting with 120FPS.
Rig - i5 6500 / gtx 1060 / 16gb ram. probably its not the specs problem, because the problem was came out these few days oni

Connection to xbox oni 40pings also.


I would double check your graphics settings as with the latest update the game sneakily changed graphics settings to ultra for me :frowning:

Even if the graphic setting were high
Its nothing wrong about my rig. I did a benchmark and it was 100fps above. Meaning my rig can handle the game smoothy. Obviously it was something wrong the connection

Unfortunately the benchmark is not great (and not something you should rely on) - I got similar results and the game recommended ultra.
But ultra performed far from smooth with lots of microstutter and even some texture pop in when going 200mph+ in certain areas.

I would say its a performance related issue rather than network.

The usual symptoms for network issues are seeing other peoples cars veer off the road going in a straight line (not making corners) then jump back on the track a few seconds later - and peoples cars keep ghosting (note: if its just one car ghosting that individual is likely lagging).

dude obviously it was a connection issue, its a Core i5 with 1060gtx and medium setting graphic for sure it can handle the game well dude.
no bottleneck on GPU AND CPU aswell, the problem is whenever i play team adventure all of the cars suddenly behind me and it will teleport to front. or driving halfway my car will just slow down a few second after that will move forward for a few second faster, its like a few second latency dude.