Degrees of Rotation missing [PC]

Hello everyone!

In the advanced settings for wheel, the last one for me is Wheel Sensitivity and not Degrees of Rotation. I can’t find the degrees of rotation option anywhere and I really wish I could put it at 900. But I saw that some people have this option, does anyone know how?

I use a Logitech G29. If anyone already have a nice wheel setup I would appreciate if you could list the settings too!

Thanks in advance : )

Put your outside deadzones to 100.
At 20 as you stated you only use 20% of your range in either direction on the wheel. That’s why it is so sensitive and heavy.
Other thing to make it lighter is to put centering spring to 0.
It’s a canned effect not really bringing anything to the table, just making your wheel heavier further away from the center you turn it.
Good luck.

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Thanks, I willl try that!

For me its in the advanced wheel settings, but its off the bottom of the screen so you need to scroll right down.

Yeah I went there but it’s not. Legit weird and dunno what to do : /

I did that but it isn’t there : /

Is there not a Logitech control panel or something you can configure it with ? There is for my Fanatec and I think my old Thrustmaster might have had on - bicbw.

The G27 software was much better. The G29 lacks a lot of stuff. I can make it 900 degrees there but I need to profile the game in the software, which sucks because it doesn’t recognize Forza : /

As far as I am aware those that see that settings are playing on an XBox One with the G920. I have the G920 and play on PC, I don’t have the setting but everything works fine once you find your comfortable settings. I checked a few YouTube videos then fiddled until I felt comfortable. :slight_smile: