Dedicated HUD ON/OFF button

Could we get a dedicated HUD toggle button so with just a keypress we can turn off and back on all HUD elements when we want to just drive aimlessly with complete immersion and when we have to get back to game.



I would love this!!

Or at least at the top of settings in HUD options, a toggle ALL on/off

Also for ABS and TCS.

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I mostly do drive clean screen cockpit view, but I would still appreciate it for those times I want to drive chase cam and look at my car.

Issue I have is that there is no more room left on the controller for more mapping, especially if they’re going to keep forcing us to map Anna and quickchat (things I never, ever use).

While I VERY much want to remove those two things as required to map, I think I have a better solution: let us set our UI settings per camera.

It bugs me a lot that you need to have a Cockpit view to get a shift indicator. There should be a floating shift indicator for the hud - perhaps a mini telemetry screen because I both like driving witha chase cam, AND I like having visual feedback on where the game thinks the steering wheel is rotated to.

It would be a fun immersion to have the GPS and some of the lap/timing elements integrated into the dash, like an aftermarket infotainment type of system, or phones on the dash like an uber/lyft driver. Then I could have the information in cockpit view without it being an artificial layover.

What I can suggest is for Keyboard, just a keybind to turn on and off all HUD. For a controller and wheel, something like double tap or hold down the change camera view button.