Deconstruct the construction site - not enough points - help?

Does anyone know what to do at the construction site with the Lancia?

It says deconstruct the construction site. So I guess we have to smash as much as possible?
But I rarely get points for anything. It seems totally random when I get some points for smashing scaffolds and such. I can’t replicate getting the points.

What exactly is there to do to get the 40.000 points in time?

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It’s actually a standard skill points challenge, so you don’t have to focus on just smashing things. Do jumps, drifts, burnouts, etcetera along with smashing stuff and make sure to chain things together to get your multiplier up.


I find that the easiest way to do the skill challenges is to find a hump or two and just jump over them, do a one-eighty, then repeat. Feels a bit like cheating, but I don’t care 'cos I don’t really enjoy them.

same event as Bowler EXR S at the Gold Mine, requirement is/was 50K points

Switch off Stability and Traction Control and let that baby slide!
You don’t really need to destroy anything. Drifts and jumps are easy enough. I got 182,000 points

yeah this one is broken I think, I can chain up over 100k points and it does not add to the total

I had that with the Bowler at the gold mine, I was easily over the 50K mark already and it didn’t abort like it normally does. I just stopped my car and when the total ranked up the event was complete.

The RS200 it aborted my skilling as soon as I hit the target.

Love these types of bucket list events. :slight_smile:

Its not…ive done it
Need to let the points be collected before the time is up