Decent strategy for credits?

I’ve been digging around on the webs for a current strategy to efficiently accumulate credits.

Plenty of garbage videos out there. Most are out of date, most are some sort of glitch that’s been patched I’m assuming.

Just looking to see if anyone has something that’s not a glitch and seems to work for them to get the most credits out of your time. Or a video someone is aware of.

Thanks for replies in advance.

Just play the game
Credits come easily and cars arent even expensive

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Use mod cards all the time. Use small bonus cards for short races and save the big bonus ones for longer races.

The best race for grinding credits is 50+ laps on Indy Oval in Free Play. Run the fastest car you can. Set up the race for maximum bonus, AI expert, etc. Then ghost your opponents and put them in a lower class to guarantee a win. If you find this too boring then set up a race however you like.

Mods seriously pay for themselves if used carefully. Pick ones that turn off assists that you run without anyway, or want to learn to turn off. Keep mods for night racing and racing in the rain on hand for when those come up in circulation. For shorter races, stick to purple, blue, and green. Save the red and yellow ones for longer races with more laps.

Forza edition cars have credit perks. The Nissan GTR Black FE gives you 50% just for using it, and another 50 at Suzuka. So do a dozen or so laps in Free Play at Suzuka with mods, and triple your winnings.

Prize payouts are related to placement, but also to distance. So more laps is more money. There’s an option in career mode where you can change the race length. I think it’s under options, or maybe race setup. More laps is more money, which means even more money from mods and FE perks.

There’s a Forza edition BMW that gives you a credit perk at Nürburgring. Full circuit and Nordschleife are a pretty long track already, so 2 or 3 laps of that will bag you some cash. Any endurance race, really, should pay off quite a bit. Add mods and FE cars to that, and you’ll be raking it in.

  • 1992 Ford Escort Forza Edition, Class Homologated (plug: I have a tune for that ;^) net +50% CR +50% CR at Night
  • Daytona Tri-Oval at Night, Full Grid for 40 Laps.
  • Turn off all assists, Max out all your difficulty settings, and Don’t Pit - You’ll come in on fumes, but very like in 1st if you don’t make mistakes.
  • Max out your Mod Cards with 3x 100% cards from the Race Shop.

Pretty good pay day and you’ll get a boat load of XP Level-up Cars (or CR).

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Thanks a bunch of guys. I’m off to buy the cars of my dreams. Ha

Play in the open track day meet, gets me over 100 thousand credits and more than 30 thousand xp every hour (not sure on exact amounts)

Do 100 laps anywhere and just race. It’s super easy.

Credit mods in single player with long race length. Each race will be around 7-10 laps. Up the difficulty since there is no need to dive bomb the AI to get to the front. This strategy results in a more enjoyable career mode experience.

If you suck at a track, use lower tier mod cards. For tracks you are good at, you should clear 100k credits a race with higher tier mod cards.

Sell all mod cards that don’t result in either a credit or xp boost.

Take credits instead of cars for driver level rewards. Eventually those cars you skipped should reappear as a reward as you play more. Stack any driver rewards that contain cars you want. Eventually you’ll be able to but them. I had about 30 stacked en route to the 700 car achievement.

4 cards are usable 100% 3000 and 90% 2500. Can’t post photo what I made but wit those cards 30 min race with pro or unbeatable drivetars will give you 400k to 650k per race. Also selling cars that you will get after the race is good thing to get some more credits :wink: Try also FE cars like guys said before.

I’ve got all the cars and 306 million credits. 99% of that was simply by racing multiplayer. That’s what I would advise, play the game, the credits will come.

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Lol, you have 3,700 hours in playtime on FM7. That’s 5 1/2 hours a day for every day the game has been out. With that kind of time put in, of course credits will pile up.

That’s very true, doesn’t change the fact that this has been my method of making money from day 1 and that I’ve had no need for in game cash a few months after game launch.

It was effective, simply playing and enjoying the game rather than worrying to find the fastest methods for quick cash. My current play time is only relevant to the money I have but doesn’t make the methods I used to get it irrelevant.