December 14 Hotfix Release Notes & Info update

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Version Number:

  • Xbox One: 2.414.967.0
  • Xbox Series: 3.416.408.0
  • PC: 3.414.967.0
  • Steam: 1.414.967.0

A new Forza Horizon 5 hotfix is available to download with the fixes and improvements shared below. We truly appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked to address these and continue to work to address other reported issues.

Game Stability

On Dec. 7, we released a fix to tackle the “soft lock” issue which caused Xbox Series X|S players to get stuck with an infinite spinner when saving data. Today’s new hotfix goes further and addresses the root cause of the problem. Xbox Series X|S players may have occasionally encountered issues with streaming and soft locks when loading into events, which are now resolved.

We’ve also addressed other stability issues, including a top reported crash that was introduced with Series 2.


A top priority for the team is working on a fix for Convoys and disappearing players. We are continuing to investigate your reports and have identified and addressed one issue that would cause some players to become invisible to other players. Further work is ongoing in this area to improve the experience.


Improvements have been made to server bandwidth to ensure a better experience in multiplayer game modes like The Eliminator.

We’ve included a fix for civilian traffic not being present in Horizon Life. However, we know there is more work to do in this area. We have identified a further issue where players might see no civilian traffic after taking part in multiplayer events, and an issue where some players may see no traffic until changing car or fast travelling. These are being worked on and will be addressed in a future update.

We have enhanced the overall stability of our servers across the entire experience, and we have also identified and fixed an issue that sometimes prevented players from joining another player’s server when attempting to initiate a Convoy.

More To Come

With the holidays rapidly approaching, our team is looking forward to spending some time with family and friends and hope you are doing the same. For us, this means a short pause on our ongoing development and fixes, yet rest assured, in the new year we will continue to deliver further improvements to Forza Horizon 5.

For example, we’re aware that a number of players have experienced challenges on the Festival Playlist which they’ve not been able to complete. This can be frustrating to miss out on rewards or to not have that 100% completion. We’re looking into a solution for players who have experienced the issue.

Your feedback is invaluable to us so keep it coming, it helps us prioritize how we tackle fixes.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Series 2 Update – featuring a holiday dressing across Mexico and a new Secret Santa feature that encourages community spirit, as well as plenty of new cars to drive and more.

We wish all our players a happy, safe and relaxing holiday and we’ll see you in the new year for the latest Forza Horizon 5 updates.


I don’t understand why they didn’t address the Treasure Hunt issue. Haven’t looked at the list but it seems that once again there’s the “Encore?” achievement for 100% Playlist in the month. A lack of fix will drive away achievement hunters.

Maybe they avoid it because, if unfixed, it forces people to play online to get enough points for the Aventador - which is what Microsoft ultimately wants. That’d be a poor sport on their part.


Because nobody cares? Storage is important, Playlist is different priority. Probably nobody is there anymore.

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I’d rather those at PGG have time to spend with their families and friends and recharge following all the effort they have put into this game.

I know bugs are annoying but some things are more important than gaming.

Its not about gaming or the importance of gaming.
Its about customers who already payed for a product.
Who already payed several month ago and didn’t got what they paid for on release.
No company I worked for as a softwaredeloper would leave the customers allone for 3 weeks while mayorbugs still present…

like ignoring the growing number of wheelusers I already couldn’t believe in FH4…

Anyway the gaming industrie has issues in general…

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I agree but something is wrong in their quality control and then decision making process regarding what to fix.

Yeah I’ve got no issues with them taking time off. I just want them to acknowledge the problems. These aren’t minor bugs. I can live with no shift animations in the Supra for the entirety of the game’s life. I would rather not, but I wouldn’t be kicking up a stink about it.

I cannot live with the game instability and the massive issues with superultrawide resolutions and game lighting/exposure. None of these things have even been fully acknowledged in the known issues list. At best, they are hinted at, in a very subtle “it’s not a big deal” kind of way.



What a complete waste of money!


Very poor form.

Absolute disgrace.


Still freeze crashes with Fanatec wheels. 1 and a half months and still can’t play with my supported wheel. This ranks as the worst game on launch that I’ve ever bought. Awful, so disappointed with this…

This post will even continue will arrive many hours /days late because somehow my posts are still being moderated, if at all. This whole setup stinks.

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So, the one item that needs to be fixed so people can complete this weeks items is going to be looked over?? Classy move!

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“We’ve also addressed other stability issues, including a top reported crash that was introduced with Series 2.”

And yet the game remains supremely unstable.

It’s stuff like this that makes even reasonable people irate. This could mean almost anything. I really, truly hope that PGG realizes they’ve only moved pebbles off the mountain so far, but this kind of talk makes me think they’re all patting each other on the backs sipping martinis thinking the problems are solved. The known issues list STILL doesn’t list many of the issues that are plaguing this game, and candy coats the issues it does deign to acknowledge.

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well thats disappointing with no fixes for the playlist

but happy holiday then…

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Glad I knocked out the Apollo skill chain accolade this morning before they put traffic back in the game.

Honestly, Forza Horizon 5 has been an utter travesty… WIth each patch release i’m forced to re-download the whole game and i would bother if they fixed anything at all…This release is just a downward spiral, Horizon 4 was a breeze compared to this mess…

Not very good news for me… Long story short: I cannot launch or reinstall FH5 anymore.

Few minutes after the download started, FH5 crashed.
I tried to launch it again but Microsoft Store informed me that there was a problem with the app and it needed a reinstall.
I tried to reinstall but nothing happens… Like it just doesn’t start after selecting the drive and clicking on the “Install” button.
I followed many solution/fixes reported on FMSport website regarding launch issue but none of them worked.
I filed a report to forzamotorsport with every possible detail but it was automatically marked as solved since they seem to be handling only in-game issues… so I basically wasted my time filing the report.
I didn’t find a way to contact Microsoft via email, so I’ll call them tomorrow I guess… Or maybe I will just uninstall FH5 and never buy a FH game or any other game on Microsoft Store again.

FH just worked perfectly until yesterday…

This is so disappointing, so frustrating and very, very embarassing for both of the companies: I mean… this is something I paid for… I guess my time with FH5 is over.



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