Decal creator wanted!

Im a creative dude who enjoys racing a stock car to see how far and fast i can push it, to a engine swapped turbocharged car who will sit there and tune a car. I enjoy to put together some liverys (not replicas) but create something that comes straight from my mind. BUT i cant put layers together, ive tried and its just not my thing, im not that artistic. Im after some GT or even screenshots of some decals that are very detailed or very basic but have had time put into them. I love to put together different decals or stick to a theme, and put my little taste into them. Thank you :slight_smile: if youd like to see what ive made please tell me, also youll have to tell me how to upload pics into the thread as this is my first <3

The problem you will have with this is painters don’t like giving out vinyl’s unlocked as a lot of time and effort goes into making the vinyl’s. Some vinyls take days to make due to the intricacy of them. If you had unlocked you could sell and pass off as your own which is what happened back in FM3 & FM4.
Try making easy logos to start with like Panasonic, Nokia & Apple. We all started here don’t worry it gets easier the more you do it.

Try this link it may help you as you can trace off your screen -

All vinyls in FH3 are locked automatically when shared. There’s no way to share or download anything unlocked.

That being said, there are quite a few painters that share very accurate and detailed logos of almost anything you may want to use. If anyone wants to download some very good logos to use on their own cars, a quick search should find whatever you’re looking for.

The only thing to remember about downloading others’ vinyls to use on your own design is that you won’t be able to share that design.

I understand if people dont want to share their decals i know they have spent alot of time, im honestly not out to sell their work and make money off it its purely ro make my own liverys for myself. Ive tried to make a few logos but they just look tacky if you know what i mean haha.

But thank you and i will check the link and ill post a few of my designs!

SummUp … If people have shared vinyls for you to use … it’s with the full knowledge that you may sell a car with their vinyls on it. Not a problem. That’s why people have shared their vinyls to the community … for people to use as they want.

I have a couple decals shared … just search for my GT and give it a try :wink: Would like to see what you do with them!
You can still share / sell your design in the auction house :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Ill deffs check them out thank you! And ill put a pic up with what ive come up with :heart:

I just made up a little livery! Dude you have some amazing decals, would never think someone of your talent would comment on my thread! I took a few photos they are in my storefront :slight_smile:

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I’ve also got a bunch of vinyls shared. Once I’ve created them for a particular livery I’ll usually share them, sometimes with variants. There are also a number of geometrically correct national flags for putting with names etc.

GT is RallyzX360. Fill your boots!

Thank you very much! Will check them out!

I have a bunch of logos shared for all to use. I try to make them as close to the real one as possible and I have alot for the GT check them out they are for the older La Manns GT but you may like them. If you let me know of a spasific logo I am happy to make it and share it.