Decal booth is deleting my design/can't edit once I backed out

I changed my design on the 97 M3 FE last night and saved the paint scheme like normal, went to make changes today and it keeps deleting the design. If I select apply decals it resets the car back to the default red blank car, I can import the design back onto the car and can enter paint and change the color of the car, wheels, ect… and the design stays. It seems any time the car is not on screen it goes back to default. For example, if I change cars, enter the apply decals booth or even start a race it goes to default (I think it’s the transition/loading screens) but entering paint you always see the car on screen so it doesn’t reset. I even tried changing the color of the wheels and saving it as a new design and it still does it, any suggestions?

I experienced same problem at about the same time OP did. The paints kept on getting removed. Very annoying. I know your pain.

I have not tried painting since then, only tuning, so not sure if I/we still have the problem. Tried clean reboot; no change. Noticed the FM7 server is not the most reliable.

This has been happening for about a week or so now and I have not seen or heard of any fix for it that we can do ourselves. It looks like we’ll have to wait for T10 to fix it.

Under “[INVESTIGATING] Not connecting to message center and certain online / server content at startup” in Tech support forum:

This cleared up my issues on loosing designs I’m working on in paint booth. It seems to be associated with maintaining a steady connection with the forza severs. The above worked for me - maybe it’ll help you too.