Dear turn10 Motorsport Force Motorsport 7 Ultimate Edition version 1.107.5368.2 BIG bug!!!

Dear turn 10 Forza Motorsport 7 Edition Ultimate version 1.107.5368.2 I paid you 100 euros and you in return have given me a game that makes my pc pound with a gtx 1080ti strix and a cpu i7 8700k but we are joking even Ubisoft does not would do this because he loves all of his users solve it the next day to restore peace (expecting to create a war for a patch instead wait for weeks for a patch) try to send it by Monday a patch 22/10/2017 Thanks in advance

I feel your pain mate, I have similar specs to you and can honestly say this is the worst performing game my PC has ever run.

I feel robbed of the money I paid for a not fit for purpose game produced by T10.

They have had months to prepare for this PC release yet never ironing out the same bugs found in Forza Apex, FH3 and now FM7.

Guess a fix may come sometime in 2018 ??

why do people lie about their pc specs for

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i7 8700k not for sale yet. Only testing samples are send out. Funny.
And I just got a message from the good people of Turn 10. A patch on monday is not possible as they are still in Las Vegas spending the money they earned on FM7. They are already 2 weeks busy spending all the money, but every day new people buy the game, so they are forced to stay longer. Probably beginning January they start working again.

to beautiful the 8700k bought it when and when I came out of certain cabbages I can’t really hear it 8700k and released October 5 and is on Amazon for sale s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1509150920&sr=1-1-1&keywords=i7+8700k