Dear Forza, I'm leaving you..

Thanks to all the feedback in this thread I went and checked out Project Cars 2 forum and found out there is a free demo released a few days ago. I rushed home at lunch and downloaded it, and even got in a quick race or two before jetting back to work. I think I will pass on Forza 7 for the time being. Everything I am reading about how PC2 handles FFB, their online racing, and the career mode means I am switching game franchises for the time being. Kind of sad since I have raced Forza since the first one to the 6th installment.


Wow, dumped via a text message… How cold.


If you read between the lines it is one of those 'It’s not me… it’s you" kind of breakups. I know coz I have suffered quite a few of those.

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If only project car’s offered a decent selection of vintage American cars from the fifties, sixties, and seventies, I would give it a try, but for me, the car’s they offer suck.

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Okey! bye!

p.s. Project cars 2 is rubbish.


These threads are always entertaining


I’ve got both games and they’re both very different experiences.
I do find myself playing Forza more often though.

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Well, I own Project CARS 2 and as much as I want to love the game, is curently plagued by a lot of problems, on xbox one at least. They’re having issues with career save, with framerates drop, and a lot of trouble in the multiplayer. The game is fun but the multiplayer is really frustrating, since random deconnections happens very often in the middle of a race. Everytime someone join a in progress qualification the game lags and its very disturbing if you are on a hot lap. The online license system is also broken. It sure have the potential to be a great game, but they have to patch major bugs before we can really enjoy the game. There’s not a lot of people playing online since gamer seems to wait for fix or have already switched game because of thoses issues.

I was really upset at first with forza 7 like a lot of people here, so I tried pc2. I’m back at forza now.

I’m glad PCars 1 was free with gold. I would have never bought it, nor would I buy PCars 2.

In the end I’m 100% sure you will get bored and feel the need to go back to FM because of the fun factor.


hmm, maybe I’ll try that demo. I’ve heard good things about Project Cars from a friend.

Not that it’ll put a dent in my FM7 play, but it’s always good to see what else is out there.

Hope you make your way back to FM7 someday soon. We’ll keep the light on for ya


BTW, I have PC2. It’s pretty good. Not Forza 7 good, but it is good enough.

I have 30 hours on PC2.

I have almost 15 days on FM7.

PC2 has its strong points but there are reasons to enjoy FM7 more.

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PCars 2,blah,blah,blah,think i’ll stay right here!!! If I had a dollar for every time someone said they were leaving,i would be a very happy man!!


Too bad turn 10 didnt have $60 for everone that didnt stay, maybe we’d have league lobbies by now…


I tried the PC2 demo, and it’s definitely a vast improvement over the first game. It’s gone from dumpster fire to cozy hobo barrel. But, hey, it’s got tedious race rules. Apparently some people like that.

As with any racing games, no 2 are the same, everyone is different and everyone will have their opinion on which is better and mostly for what your favorite preference is and at the time your playing.

For me, if I want …
Realistic simulation- GT Sport or PC2
Fun arcade kind of realistic- Forza 5-7
Just fun arcade, not realistic- NFS or Forza Horizon

All depends on my mood and what goal I’m after at the time.

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Hope you’re not going there for MP - not many active lobbies.

I own both, and Project Cars 2 has so many bugs and a lifeless career mode, I gave up on it after the v1709 Windows 10 update because I end up having to redo my controls and settings every time. Terrible AI and inconsistent mechanics and handling. Road cars feel like they’ve got no tyres.

If you’re leaving, you’re taking these darn kids.
But seriously, I’m sorry to see anyone leave. Especially if they are veterans of the game. But if the game frustrates you that much, it’s probably for the best. I’m afraid you will find frustration with PC2 as well though. I’m not sure which issues are pushing you away from Forza, but you should know there are still a lot of us who are enjoying the game with minimal issues.
Best of luck.

I’ll pack the kids stuff


Although it is a fact Forza 7 is far from the flawless game that it used to be in previous iterations, you can’t really compare when it comes to content. Forza still beats other games in that aspect and many others.

I have Assetto Corsa and Project Cars. Honestly I don’t know what all the fuzz is about. They are… fun to play with a wheel? I mean physics are great on both, but after a race or two you’re left wondering what else there is to it. I feel the sim community is mostly guys who are way too worried about what other people see them play. They want to feel like “adults” and/or “professional racers” or something like that. It’s the energy I get whenever I lurk into those forums. Matter of fact that simulation is what Forza, Gran Turismo, AC, Pcars and other similar games are. They “simulate” driving a car in their own way. Some more sophisticated than the other, but at the end of the day, it is a simulation.

As a true car enthusiast, I stick to Forza. It nourishes my passion better than than PCars or AC. Sure it is not as advanced as those two, but it is good enough in the physics department, plus it offers hundreds more cars. I don’t use my cars as tools to compete. I enjoy every one of them as close to their original form and uniqueness as possible. That’s why I love cars.