Dear dear dearest Snowowl


By chance could you spare a moment to clear out your inbox? I am unable to send you a msg due to your full inbox :frowning:

Thanks and best regards,

PS. plz delete this msg afterward.

At some point, hopefully. Really too busy with family health, weather and the games themselves to pay much attention there to more time-consuming things. I know they’re important, but other things like real life have priority right now.

Happy Holidays!


Sorry to hear of health issues. I’m with you on that and feel for ya. This year alone I’ve made 3 trips to the hospital, one in an ambulance.

Are there any other Moderators still working with Forza 4 that I can relay my pvt msg too?


I don’t believe so about FM4. Most of the games on Xbox 360 are no longer officially supported at this point. When I get a chance, I will.

Hope your health is better! It is my wife and her lung and brain cancer which is requiring lots of attention. She’s now on “maintenance” chemo therapy once every three weeks for an additional six sessions with lots of meds morning and evening, plus MRI and CT scans to monitor her situation.

The last brain MRI (last Thursday) indicated only the two larger inoperable tumors continue to remain in her brain, but they’re neither growing or shrinking any more. Just “stable.” At one point she had five large ones with “too numerous to count” smaller active ones. A 15-session full brain radiation has given us last Thursday’s result, and the stubborn lung tumor (which is what the chemo infusion is handling) continues to appear to be shrinking and dissipating.


Snowowl, I’m praying that your wife makes a full and speedy recovery! Now that would be the ultimate Christmas present!

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Good luck and good health to you and your family! Merry Christmas!

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I continue to think of you and your wife on a daily basis.

Here’s hoping for nothing but the best!

Thanks for all you do around here.


Snowowl, you and your wife are in our prayers!


Good luck and positive vibes heading your way Snowowl.

I hope you have a happy and relaxing Christmas.


Oh my. My best wishes to your wife.


My best wishes, and my deepest thoughts to you and yours Snowowl.

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My best wishes for your wife and yourself Snowowl. Hope the medicines, chemo, and prayers work wonders for her.

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You’d think Turn 10 would have somebody on their payroll who can do all of this by now, Snowowl does too much for too little in return.


Hey Snowowl, I hope you and your wife have a great christmas with the family. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of people queuing up to be a pain in the new year! lol

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