Deals With Gold: FM5 discount in June

“Deals with Gold will also launch for Xbox One in June, delivering discounts for great games each month, with significant savings for Xbox Live Gold members. The first titles offered in June will include “Forza Motorsport 5,” “Ryse: Son of Rome,” and a few other surprises. In the coming months, we will offer significant savings of up to 50 – 75 percent off certain titles.”


Yup. I am glad they are bringing free games with gold to Xbox One. Halo Spartan Assault should be fun. My friend was going to buy Forza 5 later this month, but now said he will wait for the discount which is amazing. Not quite to Steam standards, but I am not complaining. As Kinect being removed, good business part on Microsoft but people are really going to want an Xbox One with Kinect after a while. Maybe it will be nice to buy the Xbox One without Kinect and save and buy Kinect later, but it helps the console out a lot. Lastly, I already have XBL and have it put into my budget to pay for the $60 subscription annually, so the offline part doesn’t bug me much but should bring in more people to the Xbox.

Hmm the Xbox one with kinect is £400 and without its £350, the same price as the PS4, I dont think that the Xbox will win people over at that price, if it was £300 its a different story

They have already said the Kinect will be an add on and the original was £129.99 so its going to be no less than £150 …

Back to the Deals with gold, I wouldn’t be surprised if people come back with the comment “Well 50/75% off the price, it should have been to start” cause im thinking that !!

I got my Xbox One from game with Titan Fall for £225. I cant wait for Games with Gold and these discounts too, if you are waiting for something to come on offer to its not going to take long seen as there arnt that many titles yet!

I’m certainly surprised they are doing deals with gold so soon and especially with newly released titles! Looking forward to it!

They said they were going to and there aren’t any “old” titles for the XBone.

I love this idea personally. I
have to wonder why they put such a small HD in the xboxone, especially considering that all the new games are 30gig plus.Should come with 1 TB minimum!

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Because they are going to update it so that external HDD’s can be used although there is no information as to if this will be a first party on or 3rd party will also be able to be used, if its first party its more revenue for them

That is what I thought as well. What are they going to put out for free games??? It does look like Halo: Spartan Assault is going to be one and should be a good one. The second is some side scroll-er I never heard of Max: And the curse of the brotherhood. From the reviews I think I will skip that one.

Lol, yeah, better hurry up and build the library for the free games.

I just bought BF4 because I was so desperate for something new. I wasn’t really interested, but it was on sale at Bestbuy. That leaves exactly zero games currently that personally I can see wanting to download, even for free.

I like the program on the 360, but there’s a much higher chance of my finding something interesting from month to month, and if nothing comes up for my tastes for a month or three, no biggie, I can wait. I think I’ll be waiting quite a bit more until the One gets more titles. Not a complaint. I just can’t get excited for it yet.

More than anything right now, this just leaves me with a fear that any game I buy will end up free within a few months, lol.

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A really nice and needed gesture. Thanks ms

why would they announce a price cut that far off? i get june 9th, its the ms e3 conference. its basically telling everyone to not buy for a month. gonna be a rough month in the npd. if they are going to announce it they should just go ahead and drop the price now so they dont lose a month of sales. ms marketing confuses the heck out of me sometimes.

Because E3 is “all about games” after last year and apparently they haven’t got enough time to fit in all the things they want to show in the Press Conference so announcing this is going to eat into that time. The other rumours going round is this is actually to get around the Language Issue (launching in China) with getting the Kinect to recognise the difference in the languages, plus with a June 9th date they can work on getting the UI to be functional without the Kinect in a smoother way cause at the moment it is a bit of a mess

conversely I wasn’t planning on buying anything for a long time and just finish up achievements with my four games. Blowing money on full priced games is something I’m not doing anymore since I’d rather use those funds for a bigger and faster toy. However, I do like cheap, so if its a deal that is too good to pass up, I may consider it.

At $20 I had no interest in Halo Spartan Assault or Max…

At $zero they are all mine, muhahaha. Can a free game be that bad that it’s not a good deal? Me thinks not.

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Halo is $9.99 and max is $14.99 here in the US. Still I wouldnt have bought them.

Can this be a hoax? if it was April 1 I would be sure of it. But after denying for so long, I can’t believe MS would about face on the Kinect!

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Erm … Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple days its been all over the Gaming news sites, World news sites hell its even on

Ha! I have been under a rock I guess. I had not heard anything about this.

(Although maybe it’s more accurate to state I’ve been busy w life and failed to look under a rock for this news???)

I presume you’re referring to statements such has this:

"Q: A quick word on Kinect - I presume there will never be an Xbox One sold without it. You are doing this for developer-related reasons as much as your own. You want all developers to know that they can always implement Kinect technology because it always comes with every system. Would that be correct?

A: Correct. Xbox One is Kinect. They are not separate systems. An Xbox One has chips, it has memory, it has Blu-ray, it has Kinect, it has a controller. These are all part of the platform ecosystem.

What we have shown really well at Gamescom is the magic of games that use Kinect. We have shown the power of voice control. I’m probably going to piss off your readers unintentionally when I say this; I have an Xbox One at home, and being able to walk in and say “Xbox on”, and for the system to recognise me, launch and load my profile, and put my choices of content on the font page is a very magical experience. It makes you think about your relationship with technology in a slightly different way. It’s personal. It makes you think, I wish more devices would do this."

-Microsoft, Phil Harrison

Source: GamesRadar+

The difference now is that Mr. Harrison, being the primary champion for this “policy”, is no longer with Microsoft. He is now with Zynga. Whether or not this was ever the true strategy/plan for Xbox with Kinect, he was pretty much the main guy selling it this way.

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