Deadzone Help

I’m relatively new to the game and very new to racing with a wheel setup. I find myself struggling with controlling power modulation with the pedals but am not 100% sure how the deadzone adjustments work in-game. Can anyone point me to a comprehensive guide on them? Thanks in advance.

Steering 0-100
Acceleration 0-100
Deceleration 0-100

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Some people might add a little deadzone to the Gas and Brake (05-95) to compensate for your foot leaning on the pedals, but that’s the perfect setup for a wheel and also those settings work very well with the xbone controller believe it or not, much more accuracy on the the straights.

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Thank you gangrel for the info, but do you happen to have anything else on how they actually work? When I make adjustments, it seems to make the issue worse. I’m thinking if I know more about how they work I can better tune them for my wheel/pedal setup

Thanks again

Thanks Gangrel and Tox . I will give these a try tonight. :slight_smile: much obliged