DD F150 stuck in AH, won't pull up old auction or new auctions ongoing?

I had extra DD F150, so I put it on AH.

When truck was new a few weeks back, none of the auctions would pull up, did ticket, got better I guess but I didn’t sell/buy anything.

I put it up yesterday, and got message it didn’t sell. In my auction list it won’t pull up the auction to reclaim it, just cycles then displays FH4 server not available message. If I go to auction alerts, it shows “unable to download this auction’s results…try later”

I’ve sold other cars at same time, and several did this, but eventually I pulled the results thru the alerts. Nothing works with DD. For last 24hr or so not even the current listings for the DD F150 would pull up.

Is this a known issue? IIRC there were others with similar problem previously. TIA

Forgot- I rebooted XB without change, and shut down, unplugged, replugged too. No diff.