DCOM and AppModel-Runtime Errors on Splash Screen (Windows)

I cannot launch Forza 7 since yesterday, it started off with Errors about the game not being available at this moment. Tried everything on the Internet, nothing worked. Downloaded the game completley fresh today, however now i have even more Problems with the game. It shuts down during the Splash Screen and i don’t get any kind of Errormessage, but the Eventviewer shows 2 Errors occuring basically at the same time, once i start the game. All drivers are up to date and no other Problems or Errors are showing up in the Eventviewer, except for those.
They are on german, so i’m sorry for any difficulties understanding what it means:

First Error:
(Event ID 69)

Second Error:
(Event ID 10001)

I really don’t know what to do next.
I appretiate any advice.


I had the same issue, just resolved it.

The problem was that I recently changed my MS online password on another win10 PC.

Solution: I confirmed my account in the account settings on the gaming PC and then it was working . :slight_smile:

Hope that helps you.