Dclass to Sclass?

What is a great D car to bring from D to S for rivals?

I don’t know about being the fastest in rivals, but it is very fun online - I like the Ford Transit Van. Actually, on one of the San Giovanni tracks, I used it to place a top 250 time in S1 Class.

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It’s clear it’s only dedicated to an utility use when stock, but with an engine swap like a Shelby GT one, and a weight reduction, it’s a beast. Remember the Ford F-100, with the same applications but for drifting, in the first Horizon?

No, unfortunately I do not.

I do also like my Type 2 VW Bus in S1. I have an S1 capped 595 Abarth for racing and playground games. I have the 595 Abarth in S2 as well bu it caps at 930 I believe but it does well in playground games and races if the average lobby skill level is average. If you have half decent drivers in the lobby, the little fiat simply cannot keep up or gets bashed out of the way.

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Yeah i saw that va PPI i lost to it lol

Subaru Legacy.

It can’t be the Jeep Liberty… The Legacy, though, is a beast and outspeeds most supercars on drag races. Mine, with the rally transmission and weight reduction, with all upgrades, is a beast, for King & Infected.

The Legacy is known as the Liberty in Australia, which is where Eduardo (and myself) resides.

Would’ve thought Liberty is the North-American Outback; it goes everywhere!

Id have to say its the renault alpine a110, or the subaru legacy.

Renault Alpine a110