Daytona 24 Hours Race organised by The Online Racing Association [TORA]

Hey all, JSR John here from Japspeed Racing.

Last weekend, JSR entered into a 24 hour endurance against 20 other teams in a retro GT racing division (otherwise known as GTO to the true fanatics on here!)

TORA organises many events like these and I definitely recommend them for any Forza players who enjoy longer races over short ones.

For a taster of how intense the racing can get, here’s a highlight video I just released of a 2 hour stint I had at the Classic Daytona 24hrs with JSR.

TORA Daytona 24 Hour with JSR John - Forza 7

Does anyone here like endurance racing on Forza?

That’s awesome

Thanks! I completely forgot to mention the website for TORA. You can check out their current leagues here:

Hey everyone, I realized that my initial video uploaded did not include commentary, so here’s the video as it should be! Forza 7 TORA Daytona 24hrs CAR-NAGE | Race Stint Highlights (Commentary) - YouTube

Awesome racing! Thanks for sharing…

Hi Evercool, thanks for the comments! Glad to hear you like it. I have another video up on my channel now and intend to upload races with top players regularly, so check it out if you’re ever bored!

I noticed that your website has a lot of forum posts on it: I see a few series’ going on, but I’m confused by the forums posting system haha. Any chance you can tell me what series are currently being ran by your site? I may just be tempted to try out!

PM sent…