Day One Edition: cars found and... lost. Can anyone help me?!

Hi everyone,

i have a little problem.

3 weeks ago i have take “the One” + FM5.

Installed FM5, ok.
Used the code for “Day One edition” (Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi TT, Ford Focus, all three in “day one version”), ok.
Started the Career mode, bought some cars, ecc.
At one point i have taken the “Forza Motorsport Focus ST” (Day One edition): need that type of car, bought that one. Ok.

Last week i was bothered by infamous 0x8004888D error (sigh) and i was offline since yesterday…

…now i’m back (after a factory reset and having to re-install the game) but the Focus ST is a “ghost” between my cars. It has “DLC” check on it but i can’t download it anymore. And i can’t redeem that car (and the other two of Day One edition) anymore. Because obviously i have used the code 3 weeks ago.

Can anyone do something?!

It’s frustrating to have a car in “my cars” that… is not.



Try going to your dashboard, my games and apps and on the Forza 5 tile press the menu button and select show all addons. Hopefully in there is an item that may be called FM5 Bonus Content or something similar and hopefully it will have an install or download option on it.

Thanks a lot!
I’ve found it… probably it will works out…

I have to say “probably” because error 0x8004888D is still an issue :frowning:

Anyway thanks again!