Day one car pass

I have entered the code for the day one car pass and it has installed but I gave not receive any of the content for it. Ie the 3 free cars! Can anybody help me with this please?

This was asked in previous topics as well, but hey, I’ll help you out.

If you used the code, it will unlock the cars for you to buy. They will not be bought ingame with the code. You have to go to the Buy Car menu, and scroll over to the cars of the Day One Pack. You canbuy those with ingame credits or Tokens if you wish too.

Hope this helps you out!

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Thanks for the help!!! Cheers!!!

I really wish they would put some sort of message in the description on the install screen about the need to purchase the cars, that they do not appear in your garage. It would have saved a lot of forum posts that way. I’m not bashing you for asking the question though Mavrick because it is very vague.