Data syncing error

Hello all,
I recently decided to switch from my Xbox one S to my PC for better graphics and FPS. After struggling to get the install to work due to another reason I started installing it.
All was well until the game launched and I was unable to sync my data, when I went to sync the data it would start at 0% and jump to 100% and give me an error “an unknown error occurred please try again later”.
I have tried deleting the local cache to the game to see if that resets it. I have to believe that maybe there is a corrupt file but I am also afraid to delete it due to friends telling me they had a similar experience and deleted the game to reinstall and losing all their progress.
I have also tried looking at the actual Xbox live game save services to see if they were running, on manual…etc. Anyways that was on manual so I changed it to automatic to see if it would change anything and it hasn’t
I’ve tried pretty much everything I can find on the internet at the moment. I am thinking about reinstalling the game again with making a copy of the local cache or whatever is left of it.
I haven’t had an issue with any other game like this, I also play sea of thieves which I downloaded via the xbox app and that was able to sync fine and was able to get all progress over; I have a feeling it has something to do with corrupted files.
Another point is that sometimes the syncing will go from 0% to 3,7 and then jump to 100 and give me the same error as before.
Any help is appreciated.