Data sync taking extremely long time then getting stuck on 100%

I tried to log in to the game on Xbox one sins the Storm iland dlc has come out and my data sync took 1 hour to get to 100% and when it did nothing happened for another hour I am unable to play the game and I don’t have the storm iland dlc any help turn10 PLEASE!!!

Never stop a sync,it might look like its frozen at 100% but its not. It can take 3 hrs or more,some have left it sync over night,just let it go until its done.

Before you try again, check the Xbox Live Status: Xbox Support

Remember, there are some idiot hackers at work right now both on Xbox Live and Playstation.

This. ^ Last night I couldn’t even log on to XBL.

Also, the sync can take quite some time, even if it says 100%. Just let it go until it disappears on its own. My file size is currently around 81 MBs and it takes a while to sync when I go between my two consoles.

I’ve tried to sync the game several times over the past few days and have had no success. I didn’t get the dlc or any purchases and it asked to sync anyway. Once the sync appeared it actually never started so I closed it out and the game restarted me at the intro. FML.

Thanks I left it to sync 3 hours later it worked thanks guys

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