Data sync stuck at 100%

Hi everyone,

Hoping for a little help here.

I have loaded up FH2 for the first time in a couple of weeks. It updated first with no problems, I then fired up the game and the data sync took an abnormally long time. Well certainly substantially longer than I have had on any other Xbox One games. When the data sync gets to 100% nothing happens other than the option to cancel the sync.

Any idea how to fix this issue?

It eventually rectified itself after many retries. A message from xbox came up saying there was an issue trying to sync the data with the cloud. I tried again after that message and it worked immediately.

I have seen a few others with similar issues when reading through the forums and my only tip is perserverance!

Sometimes a hard restart helps, too. :wink:

In the last 24-48 hours syncing has taken a long time on many games.

Given the long term issue listed on the xbox live status page my guess is that COD has stressed the servers to overload.

My advice for syncing issues is never manually cancel a sync by dashboarding or rebooting mid sync.

If you get a popup that says do you want to cancel then choose one of the options but at no other time would I suggest cancelling.

If it seems to be taking forever leave it. If it seems to have crashed leave it because most times it has not crashed. Leave it for hours if necessary attmepting to sync or attempting to load after the sync has finished.

Interesting guess since CoD:AW came with this statement recently: “Advanced Warfare employs game servers hosted at data centers globally on all platforms and listen servers as part of our proprietary matchmaking system.”

There is a post somewhere that I read saying that the content servers were overloaded which is why the dlc codes were not working. There is still a status alert about it but my code worked on about the 10th attempt.

The service alert for matchmaking earlier in the day mentioned Advanced Warfare. Now it says Halo is having issues lol.

If it is not due to matchmaking servers then MS seriously need to get their act together, they played up a lot the last few days.

Posted similar questions on the beta-forums once or twice. Not saying they are not looking into it but no confirmation either.

Same goes for digital purchase; sometimes I get 4MB/s installing a game, sometimes 16MB/s. Totally whack & random how the infra seems to react to certain high/low influx of users.

Im facing same ISSUE , i think i lost my save it got stuck on 100% !!!

I had to wipe my console and redownload/install the game. Now it won’t sync. Been trying for 2 days, maybe 20 times so far. Goes to 100% and never goes any further, no error just never goes on. Tried hard reset, tried quitting the game and it just starts over, etc…

Really frustrating, I don’t want to have to start over.

Give it time. It often will look like its stuck but leave it. Go and do something else for maybe an hour or so (yes and hour or so). Sometimes it does take that long. It often looks like it has frozen but it actually has not. Give it time.

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Well you were right, I did it again and just let it go with the controller plugged in. Took about 45-50m but it finally loaded!